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Gnosis Portal provides an all-in-one, cloud-based solution for educational institutions. Through Gnosis Portal, educational institutions from all over the world can create, manage and conduct their exams (online, computer-based and paper-based), while simultaneously having full control and monitoring of candidates, examiners and affiliates. Gnosis Portal also provides a unique, automated built-in system for conducting secure online examinations directly through its platform, while allowing the incorporation of an automated assessment system for the examined trainees.

By using Gnosis Portal, any institute can now save resources by conducting “staff-free” exams, while also providing 100% valid results through automated assessment processes. At the same time, institutions can remotely examine & assess their trainees:

  • From wherever they want
  • Whenever they want
  • Via their PC
  • In a safe environment

Gnosis Portal also operates as a CRM and provides additional features such as live proctoring, post-exam assessment, direct results statements, result validation options and report-generating features.