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Trade and Distribution Channels
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Got It aims to redefine courier services. 

Its innovation combines door-to-door courier services, crowdsourcing distributors and selection of preferred delivery time. The service is available through web or app.

Got It believes that optimal e-commerce experiences go through fast delivery at a predefined time. Our operation model guarantees e-shops that their packages are delivered in a reliable, fast and accurate manner, which is not common in the market. 

An equally reliable service will be available to anyone wishing to send or receive a package. With just a few clicks, they will be able to choose and buy the service, and a distributor will soon be with them.

Registration is instant. In addition, through the application, interested parties may transport packages and earn income in a flexible manner, with no restrictions. 

The service will be available at a competitive rate, with a handy app and the option of monitoring the delivery on the map.