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ProsPer is an eco-conscious company processing fish-farming by-products to produce paté products that can be used by food companies and catering establishments. 

At the moment, fish-farming units produce over 3000 tons of fish by-products in Greece. Those are either disposed, increasing the environmental and economic cost of the process, or processed to produce low-value products. On the other hand, the food sector seeks new flavours, clean labels and natural ingredients. 
ProsPer makes the most of fish by-products coming from Greek fish-farming units, by producing highly-nutritional and tasteful products that can be used as ingredients in new recipes and food. At the same time, considering sustainability, circular economy and great expertise to be our values, our team seeks ways to process new by-products coming from a wide range of foods.

ProsPer provides sustainable and innovative food solutions, making the most of raw materials that would otherwise remain unexploited.