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Giorgos Korres

Giorgos Korres, a Model Evangelical School graduate, went on to study Pharmacology at the University of Athens. While still a student [1988], he started working at Greece’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy; he eventually bought the pharmacy [1992] and within the next five years, he set-up a homeopathic-remedy-production lab, carrying the National Organisation for Medicines authorization and following the standards set by European state-of-the-art laboratories at the time.

In 1996, having developed a deep understanding and knowledge of natural ingredients and their application in over 3,000 herbal remedies, he created KORRES Natural Products, with a view to producing safe, clinically effective and affordable natural skincare products of interesting design.

Today KORRES’ portfolio includes over 400 natural products, sold through in more than 6,500 pharmacies in Greece, while the brand enjoys an international presence in 30 countries.

In an effort to promote Greek flora, to source the highest quality herbs and to support local communities, KORRES has formed long term partnerships, based on fair trade principles, with micro- farmers, agricultural unions, educational and social institutions. These plants are then extracted at KORRES’ own environmentally friendly, certified herb extraction unit, developed in cooperation with the Pharmacy School of the University of Athens. Through an established international network of scientific co-operations with high profile academic and research institutes in the fields of Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy and Clinical Dermatology, KORRES studies the clinical benefits of natural ingredients, participating in European research projects of major significance to the natural beauty industry. KORRES Research & Development Lab develops formulas based on these findings and the brand’s objective of delivering innovative products with the highest possible natural content and clinically tested efficacy.