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Meropi Papadopoulou

Born and educated in Athens. During her 25-year career she has broadcasted cultural documentaries on national television and radio and has promoted wine and gastronomy in the country’s leading media. In the early 1990s she pioneered the field of wine and spirits journalism in Greece with the country’s first ever wine column at the magazine Eikones. Since 2000 she works exclusively with Kathimerini publishing group, with a permanent column in the Synday’s annex “K” ,the culinary magazine “Gastronomos” and the monthly magazine Agricola. Editor and director of the Greek Wine Guide.

In 2004 she created Greece’s first and still only wine magazine, Oinohoos (means sommelier in ancient greek), which runs until today. She has participated as a critique in many national and international wine competitions. She is a member of the Federation Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains des Vins et Spiritueux(FIJEV) and of the Association of Greek Wine Writers (ELDOIN).  Foreing languages: French, English. Married .Children: a son.