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As schools begin, the average Greek student starts at least two extracurricular activities. And simultaneously the average Greek parent starts…running.
That's why we created CherryPick. 
A new service that transfers children to and from their extracurricular activities, safely and on time.
Our service is based on a new technological navigation platform which may daily design the optimum route plan based on the addresses of the children and transfer them to and from their destination, while giving the opportunity to the parents to know when their child left and returned at home.
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Happy Hour
Our idea talks about the creation of an application that will notify users-public offers that exist in the field of entertainment. The user will have the ability to be informed about the offers  made by the owner of a bar, cafe, club and restaurant based on his own criteria(region, ”nearest store”, cheapest drink etc) at the exact same time he makes the offer. We talk about offers that do not take place at a very specific day and time but offers which are being created by the owner when he is really in need of them. For example, when he believes that his shop has not the proper amount of customers some time in a day, he uses our application to make an offer and inform people ,instantly, about his offer. The result  we want to achieve, is a  discount for the customer that he really needs when he goes for a coffee or a drink and also an increased turnout in the coffee areas and bars that also shopkeepers need in the difficult economic situation we live.

Rubber Duck Software P.C
Rubber Duck Software P.C. specializes in developing software for optimizing complex data applications in modern hardware platforms. Applications from a broad range of fields (entertainment, physics, finance) have to generate and process large amounts of data at real-time. Meanwhile, hardware vendors try to speed up such processes by exploiting excessive parallelism.  Unfortunately, programming such platforms is not straight-forward, as developers need to have a deep knowledge of the hardware to further improve their applications.
RDS software libraries bridge this gap by providing an interface to programmers so that they can use efficiently and without effort the underlying hardware for their applications.
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Necova P.C.
Necova P.C. operates in the field of energy. Innovation, vision and action are the values  that connected the team members of Necova P.C. with prior professional experience in industrial design and product Research and Development (R & D). with the sole aim the creation of products and services that save energy, protect the environment, Necova’s P.C. aims to design and develop of energy upgrade products for the already installed photovoltaic parks. That idea was the Necova’s P.C. business idea for input in Egg program. Currently these energy products are patent pending and also are in the process of obtaining a certification and our aim is to introduce them in Greek and in the European market. For any information and contact visit our corporate website

Μuseum of Greek Gastronomy
Our team creates the first Museum of Greek Gastronomy. We design a space where the history and culture of Greek diet are exhibited. For that cause, both tangible exhibits and digital applications are used, the combination of which creates an interactive environment for the visitors. That makes a visit to the Museum interesting and unique.
What is more, the visitors can also taste traditional Greek products, and through the cooking and culinary courses, learn how to use them on their everyday diet.
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Real Estate Auctions PC is the first Greek private company that specializes in the online real estate auctions. Our goal is to make buying and selling property in Greece simple, fast and reliable by modernizing the processes and changing the negotiation procedures.
We create a product having in mind the special characteristics and the modern challenges of the real estate market. We offer a new online property transaction method through a transparent auction platform.
Our online marketplace provides information while it promotes quality assets to the market. The sellers set the terms of the auction and review the offers. The buyers find investment opportunities and bid for them in real time.
We believe that with the use of new technologies and by bringing together buyers and sellers in a transparent negotiation platform, the true value of any real estate asset is yielded.

Verdical Planting Systems p.c. is engaged in the design and construction of planting systems for vertical surfaces. In the framework of green architecture and sustainable development, it aims to provide a simpler and more affordable solution compared to the existing methods in order to promote the development of vertical gardens in Greece. Its goal is to create products which are easy for anyone to use, without requiring any special knowledge or expertise in order to be applied. Products can be purchased in their final form, ready for installation and planting giving the ability of expanding the green wall according to each user's needs and the particularities of each project.
Petros Boskos, mail:,  Efstathia Katsimpardi,, Panos Papageorgiou, mail:, Verdical p.c., mail: 

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eNIOS (e-Noesis Inspired Operational Systems, is specialized in Bioinformatics and develops a computational platform for the analysis of large-scale molecular data (DNA/RNA sequencing, Metabolomics) with applications in Biotechnology and Personalized Medicine. The analysis and interpretation of high throughput molecular data is currently the main bottleneck in the exploitation of genomic information for the rational design of novel therapeutic and diagnostic strategies, based on the consideration of the whole genome as a system and taking into account its variation from one person to another. The computational workflows of eNIOS, by employing Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, perform the analysis of high throughput molecular data (Next Generation Sequencing, Metabolomics) in order to contribute to the elucidation of complex biological mechanisms and to deliver novel molecular markers or targets for diagnostics and therapeutics.
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PETIMEZI (grape concentrated juice) dates back 3.000 years, is one of the oldest sweeteners, along with honey and is used as a sugar substitute or for healthy nutrition.
Our PETIMEZI is produced in Tyrnavos PDO, from the grape Muscat black Tyrnavou, harvested from our vineyards in Tyrnavos, combining traditional production methods with modern technology.
Our PETIMEZI is produced by the prolonged boiling of the clarified grape juice. It is boiled for hours until dark and syrupy without preservatives and dyes and can be stored for a long time. Its taste is complex, sweet with a slightly bitter background and aromas of chocolate, coffee, cedar and nuts.
Provides energy, high percentages of iron and calcium and is considered by the old that has antibiotic and healing properties. Petimezi may be used in sweets during cooking and also as a sauce in desserts or salads.

Tourismart is a complete suite of mobile products that appeal to any business on the touristic industry. You can now manage your company on the go, using any tablet, smartphone or laptop. The suite includes a mobile application, a management application (mobile admin app) and an enterprise management system. The admin app allows the company to create and manage the content of its mobile application, including tour guides and offered services, all in one in any smartphone. On the other hand, the management system offers a complete customers relationship management system, and also allows the administration of bookings and other services available on the mobile application. Get your business mobile now, get tourismart.
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MusicaLogic is a company that produces innovative computer applications for automatic music composition. The company's objective is the commercial distribution of high-end, groundbreaking technologies on automatic music composition, initially in the form of apps for mobile devices. The next steps incorporate the implementation of computer applications that are hitherto considered science fiction: applications that provide automatic music support for pictures, videos or even for rooms. MusicaLogic's manpower comprises scientists and artists from diverse fields, while with the endless support provided by the crew and services of the “egg” program, the company's scale-up planning and implementation becomes a fascinating and pleasuring task. For more info, please visit:

Brain New World
“Brain New World” is a start-up company that was founded by young scientists in order to generate innovative products in the field of biotechnology. Biological products and bioservices will be provided to research laboratories and biomedical companies. Our goal is to offer essential tools for the research, drug development and pharmacology concerning the nervous system.

Webtheater is a direct-to-consumer online platform that connects theatrical venues to the audience. Filmed theatrical plays distributed directly to viewers, with the tools to create immersive and engaging experience. Our mission is to bring live theatrical performances in high definition to a global audience.

Enter in Art
EnterArt is an online platform dedicated to contemporary art.
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Nestcargo ( is an online freight marketplace that brings in touch importers/exporters with trucking companies and freight forwarders. Nestcargo helps companies find the right carrier at the right price to transport their goods internationally, through road, sea and air. The online quote collection process allows companies to save a lot of valuable time and find competitive prices from a variety of rated and trustworthy carriers. Carriers increase their revenues and clientele, while minimizing operational expenses by filling up empty space. TruckBird P.C., the company that created nestcargo, was founded in 2013 and has been operating in Greece since then. Future plans of the company involve expansion in neighbouring countries, in order to improve the matchmaking between excess of shipments and excess of empty space within trucks, ships and airplanes.

Τηλ: +30 210 90 20 282


180DEGREES is a brand of apparel and accessories, focusing on modular fashion. Clothing, as a vital part of our everyday life, has now undergone changes which the market has recognized, yet has failed to address: what we wear is now an even stronger way of expression, but has not yet adjusted to our everyday fast pace. Transformable clothes come to address those exact issues of ease and convenience, adaptability, customization, as well as our need to spend less. A transformable garment is bought at the price of one, but can change into two or three pieces, offering alternative choices, again and again, depending on the needs of the user. Founder and designers of these clothes is Maria Prastakou, graduate of London College of Fashion and with a masters from ALBA Graduate Business School.  


Frogs & Flies
“You shouldn't expect the guys at Frogs n Flies to talk about their work, they're locked up in their cubicles working My name is Mr Wise, I'm the ingenious cat who turns learning into an interactive game for the young and the old alike and, obviously, I'm the big boss over here. Meow. 
Konstantinos is my personal trainer, who plans my moves making it more enjoyable for you to play with me. Caesar is my personal stylist, who gives me my regular brushings and perfume and organises my wardrobe and gadgets. Aliki is my voice, she captures my adventures through translating my thoughts and words from Meowish to English and Greek. 
Soon you will all be able to meet with me on the Apple and Google markets and download my adventures on your own mobile device, so together we can spend lots of time playing and learning.”  
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Heliix is a company dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative domestic energy producing devices that bridge the gap between eco-sustainability and cost-effectiveness. In Heliix, we have developed a groundbreaking technology of harnessing waste heat from solar water heaters for highly efficient electricity production. This technology was used to create PhaethonTM, a device that offers up to 30% reduction of a household’s annual electricity, by operating in tandem with any type of solar water heater, either new or preinstalled, turning it into a solar co-generation system with double the efficiency and expected lifespan.
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The online social platform "DressCode" is here to answers our biggest dilemmas on our dressing: 
"What to wear for tomorrows's job interview?", "How i could match my red sneakers?",
"Is this shirt ok if i wear it with my jeans?" "Am i dressed up too formal for the party tonight?"
Questions that seems easy to answer, but for most are ...vital!
Make yourself think how many times, everyday, you're asking how to be clothed appropriately?
In DressCode, we have created an environment where you could take answers to all these questions thought photosharing. Here you can interact with other users from all around the globe and you're able to show your personal style!!!
In a unique way, everyone could exlpore stylistic choices of other users and exchanging style views!!
Fashion is everywhere, all around us!!! Not only on the pages of fashion magazines and and for that reason
DressCode created a fashion platform where the daily user is in focus!!

Athens Insiders
Athens Insiders are a team of young people with individual life stories, passions and specialities who offer unforgettable, private and fully tailor-made travel experiences to small groups of travellers.
Experiences are specially made for visitors who appreciate the personal touch and want to discover the many little-known treasures of Greece in the company of friendly and knowledgeable locals.
By collecting information on our travellers? preferences and interests via an interactive online form or via direct communication, every itinerary is to our guests? tastes. We also offer a range of exciting themed experiences that illustrate Greece?s culture and way of life - always with a twist!
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