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How much roomius are you? 
The online platform hopes to become the gateway of the traveler to Greek destinations, “unlocking” his best accommodation deal! 
Travelers submit their accommodation request and hoteliers give personalized offers, aiming to give a brief idea about the level of hospitality... The booking takes place after a very interesting competitive process!
Τ: (+30) 211 800 80 78 | W: | E:

Imagine you living in Berlin and having a beer... in Mykonos! Imagine you staying at a Hotel room in London with a view to... the Parthenon! Imagine living in a small downtown flat with a view to... a huge garden! This is what our product, INSTABAR, is about to offer. INSTABAR is a new digital product offering Instant Architecture. It is smart screens with the dimensions and shape of a window, a door, a wall or even a ceiling. It is a medium of projection of video concepts, offering the audiovisual illusion that its user might want. These screens function through an online platform in which a new community is alive and kicking! The INSTABAR community! This community exchanges video concepts, creates new concepts, interacts with each other and this is how the constant and instant transformation of any interior can be achieved. 
We, the Instabar founders, Alexandros and Kirki expect from INSTABAR to make social media experiential and give a whole new meaning to terms such as user-generated-content.

Marble Arts
Marble Arts Company focuses on the construction of luxury marble items, which could be illuminated from behind, using LED technologies. Lighted marbles point out the hidden beauty of the natural material. Changing the color of LED lights, marble products become polymorphic. We will use white marble of Naxos, which is the most transparent in the world. The tiles of Parthenon had been made by this material, permitting sunlight to offer a majestic atmosphere inside the temple.
Lighted marbles, expand the creativity and design opportunities of architects and artists. It allows them to develop more ergonomic stairs, building facades that change color and style, table surfaces that function as lamps and many other decorative artifacts. 

Mediterranean Wellness Camp
Mediterranean Wellness Camp is a company that actively operates in the field of Wellness and Medical Tourism. As a company provides high quality wellness services and holiday packages for hotels in Greece, promoting the health benefits of Mediterranean Lifestyle. Mediterranean Wellness Camp program is referred to medical tourists that are interested to receive specialized wellness rehabilitation services tailored to their medical needs, as well as to tourists that seek authentic holiday experiences in Greece in order to enhance their personal health and wellbeing. Participants will have the chance to discover the “secrets” of Mediterranean way of life through fun and fitness activities, nutrition counseling, cultural trips, cooking and life coaching seminars. Our mission is to:
1. promote the values of Mediterranean lifestyle, country’s natural beauties and   cultural heritage
2. improve participant’s quality of life
3. provide a unique wellness travel experience in Greece


Have you ever wondered whether you have turned the heater off? If, when you turn back home, will there be hot water, or due to misuse the electricity bill came overcharged? Would you like to switch on and off the heater while you are except house, or program it to automatically shut down whenever you want? The washing-machine, the alarm, the coffee-maker, and the central system of heating or whatever you will have in mind? The Company TecHome activates in the growth of automatisms for domestic appliances that can be controlled automatically from your Smartphone – tablet – smart watch – PC. The innovation of this company is that it gives the opportunity to the consumer to make his own DIY (Do It Yourself) smart house with low cost.

DONORwiz is a unique platform (web & mobile) that connects non-profit organizations (NGO’s) or causes with potential supporters / volunteers willing to offer. It also engages sponsorship from companies. With DONORwiz NGOs or causes are provided with all necessary tools to easily reach potential supporters/volunteers. On the other hand, general public has an easy way to support. The platform's novelty is that it manages volunteering support in 3 levels: economic, in kind and in time/skills. In addition, for any support submitted through the platform there is an automated reward scheme.

FEAC Engineering P.C. is an outsourcing engineering & consulting company specialized in Simulation Driven Product Development. The company applies simulation expertise and operational experience, by developing and providing specialized simulation software and consulting services, to solve challenging & complex engineering problems. Founded in 2014 and based in Greece, FEAC operates in the global market and collaborates and partners with engineering companies, authorities, product manufacturers, research centers and universities. By licensing and using FEAC’s innovative in-house developed software package, PITHIA, combined with other Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools, the company provides state-of-the-art solutions throughout the product development cycle, from concept design to prototype testing. The experience & expertise of our professional engineers guarantee the reliability and accuracy of the provided engineering services, while contributing in the reduction of the development costs, the improvement of efficiency, the enhancement of product performance and increase competitiveness of FEAC’s clients.
FEAC Engineering P.C.
Australia 61, 26442 Πάτρα
Kifisias Avenue 44
Monumental Plaza-Κτίριο C
15125 Μαρούσι / Αθήνα
Phone: 2613- 019794, 212 – 1002609

CoolRadar is a recommendations platform on the web and mobile phone dedicated to delivering tailor made lists of businesses for food and drink based on user’s situational context and preferences.
CoolRadar is about recommending the right business at the right time to the right person. Are you downtown looking for the perfect spot to go for food or drink? A club to dance with gorgeous women? Dinner on a romantic spot with seaview with your fiance? Select what you really want to do, who you are with and CoolRadar will serve you with the best options!

Download it on your smartphone!

“EMPORIO XILA BA P.C.”, being known as “The First Hellenic E-shop of China” is managed by a dynamic Greek - Chinese team and aims not only to introduce Greece as a production country to the Chinese consumers, but also, to “educate” them about Greek products. The ultimate goal is to develop an on-line selling platform of exclusively Greek products that will be addressed only to the Chinese market. Our vision is to strengthen the competitiveness of Greek products, promote extroversion and represent as many Greek companies and producers as possible to the E-commerce Chinese market. 
We invite you to join us in this dynamic market! 

isMOOD transforms data into useful knowledge and gives its clients the ability to monitor, predict and shape public opinion and market sentiment through social network analysis. isMOOD collects data on a real time basis and translates them into measurable users’ sentiment. Through a collection of services, isMOOD can also detect topics that arise in the digital world and predict their evolution over time. Going one step ahead, isMOOD offers also the service of Influencing public sentiment and changing the attitudes of the users. This service is mostly used for crisis management and positive Word of Mouth Marketing in viral campaigns.
Telephone: +30 211 1982668

At the mountainous Varvitsa of Parnonas, in 1270m altitude, where everything is unaffected and authentic we cultivated the idea to give new life to our land and to create the Ygea.
The Ygea is an innovative Greek business that cultivates fresh, beneficial for health superfoods Goji berry, blueberry and Aronia. Ygea for us means "health from the land" and our identity is linked with the option to offer these fresh superfoods, but also with our decision to implement green farming practices that respect the environment and the consumer..
Telephone: +30 6946800901

CITYFAST is a courier company aiming to provide hybrid post services, which is post delivered using a combination of electronic and physical delivery via internet, mobile applications and distributed print centers located as close as possible to the final delivery points. 
In this way, CITYFAST will achieve vertical integration of all hybrid post operations, economies of scale & better prices for its customers. 
Furthermore, CITYFAST aims to be the FIRST courier company in Greece to implement an innovative distribution model with light commercial vehicles operating as mobile distribution centers where all operations such as printing, labeling, routing, tracing etc will take place on the move. Additionally, for small distances - especially within the city centers – CITYFAST will benefit from the use of bicycles.

Telephone: +30 2110121455


Vaia Gkerlioti Single Member P.C.
Vaia Gkerlioti P.C. specializes in jewelry design and production of textiles, with innovative way of designing and manufacturing, bringing a new aesthetic in jewelry and clothes design.

The jewelry design is made by parametric systems and suitable mathematical algorithms in digital computer environment. The fabrication relies on specialized high quality and selection of new materials, three-dimensional printers.

The treatment of fabrics made by creative designs on the computer, with extremely unique handmade art and specific machines for plisse fabric.

Telephone: +30 6972309514 

At PiNG, we create products and applications for smart homes and clever businesses.  Our vision is to make smart buildings accessible to literally everyone in an effective and affordable way. To accomplish that, we are implementing a novel version of a smart metering and controlling device with the ability to connect any targeted electrical appliance to the cloud enabling the user to turn on/off home devices through their smart phone, monitor energy consumption in real time, receive status and warning messages and gather data which could be used for Big Data analysis. From these functionalities we build a large portfolio of services through software add-ons that will transform our perceptions of a building’s safety, automation and damage prevention.
Telephone: +30 6974630411

Sesame is an internet and mobile service that aims to change the way consumers will have access everywhere in their everyday life. With basis on the latest technology of automatic recognition, it proposes a subversive way of contactless transactions that fully respects the time of the client. 

The user simply needs to download the application SESAME in his smartphone, to create a personal profile and to connect app with his credit card. Thereafter, the "doors" will open for him.

For example, the user will enter a cafe, where he will be automatically recognized through his mobile phone by entering the store, and will be given the opportunity to order whatever he wishes and to pay by clicking on «SESAME PAY».

The above example applies to all "doors" of our everyday life! From a parking space where you will enter and exit to your entry to all museums of the world, just with your mobile, avoiding tickets and queues!

Our team is working on the creation of an online application that simplifies and accelerates the process of travel organizing.
The basic concept is the attempt to combine various existing online touristic applications into a unified processing engine and the filtering of the data through the parameterization of the search.
Our goal is to create a new way of searching for travel choices and we firmly believe that Treep will become a necessary tool for those that prefer to organize their trips by themselves.

Hermes - V 
“Hermes - V” is a complete service for private and business cars which provides real time data for the operation of the vehicle along with the assessment of the severity of any urgency on the road!
A small electronic device is installed in every vehicle and connects it with a private cloud notifying, in real time for car engine alerts, malfunction(s) assessment, vehicle measurements, fuel level, driving behavior and safety, geo tracking, remote diagnostics, and fleet management. All these constitute a complete history record, available to any user of the vehicle.
Take control of your vehicle and feel safe on the road with the “Hermes – V experience”! 
Tel: +30 2108041137

City Tales
City Tales is an architectural Private Company based in Athens, Greece. Our mission is to make architecture accessible by creating new ways to explore our cities. We aim to redefine the relation of people with buildings and the urban fabric, restore the public's interest towards the forces that shape the built environment and rekindle the discourse on living history. 
We are building a mobile app that knows your city and devises architectural narratives around you. Stories that connect the buildings and the people behind them, forming the picture of the city.
The City Tales app concerns all travelling sightseers interested in experiences deeper than the contemporary myths of superfluous tourism campaigns.
We urge you to better understand your surroundings, to reconsider familiar areas, imagine the past and perhaps even envision the future.

Indoor navigation platform for smartphone and tablet.

Insight Group PC
We are a Team of finance professionals with a solid experience and knowledge on supporting business. Our Team, which is incorporated under the brand of Insight Group PC, provides premium accounting and tax services both locally and internationally. We currently offer corporate business and finance solutions to more than 50 small-to-medium sized companies with plenty of our customers holding companies abroad or operating as branch/subsidiary of an overseas company.  As part of our professional expertise we have a special focus and experience on setting up start-up entities and guide their initial steps in the industry they operate by providing among others tax planning, accounting and mentoring on pitching to investors.
Our solutions:
- Start Up
- Accounting and tax support
- Strategic and operating planning
- Fintech solutions.

The PacEd is the interactive e-learning platform that operates both as a community and a marketplace where anybody can teach and learn skills, anywhere, anytime.
The platform uses rewards and badges, offering motives that increase the users' engagement and focus.
We emphasize on the greek  element, nevertheless, the platform is easily convertible and adaptable to other languages thus cultures.
Anyone who believes he/she can contribute in knowledge and practical experience is welcome at The PacEd.

Tel: +30 6974 046 318

The TRIPSTIGIOUS international team develops a platform including numerous traveling mobile and web applications specialized in incoming Asian tourism (Chinese, Japanese and Koreans) initially to Greece and Cyprus with future expansion in other European markets as well. In addition, provides expertise in promoting solutions for businesses related or benefiting from tourism that desire to efficiently attract and engage Asian visitors.
Our “all-in-one travel platform” provides solutions to visitors from the very first moment of travel planning (trip planner, mobile guides, booking services etc.) till the return to the country of origin (e-shop with local products of the country they visited). 
Tel: +30 211 800 3455

Welcome to owiwi. 
Owiwi is an HR serious gaming development company shaping the future of (talent) recruitment. We replace old and unsophisticated recruitment processes like numerical and reasoning tests with exciting and fun serious games that can “unlock” candidates and give valuable insights to hiring managers. 
Owiwi is a Recruiting Director’s best friend for fast-growing companies providing them with an amazing tool that will highlight the best talents for any open position.

Our vision is to turn the business world into a big game.

Our mission is to help companies find the best fitting employees for their needs.