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Alumni - 4th cycle

Agile Agriculture Technologies
Agile Agriculture Technologies serves farmers and agricultural service providers with both intuitive and actionable solutions that drive costs down and improve crop performance. Driven by a vision to develop new technologies exclusively for agriculture, we provide fully supported and entirely user-friendly systems with a comparative advantage. All our solutions are designed to deliver real value to farmers by reducing crop inputs, boosting yields and increasing profits. By using our uniquely developed Variable Rate Fertilizer Application System, a typical farmer can increase yield by an average of 15%, reduce the amount of fertilizer by an average of 3% and increase protein levels in wheat by as much as 2%. In other words, not only can amazing savings be achieved, but the impact on the environment through efficiency is reduced. 
Put simply, our products and support systems empower you to achieve 'more with less'.
Tel: +30 6986986798 - +30 6982941519

APOLINK is a web based platform that connects industrial companies aiming to help them manage excess and unused equipment and consumables. It mainly concerns end-user companies and gives them the opportunity to sell or lease their equipment.
The platform is a kind of secondary market for industrial equipment and consumables, where the companies are able to seek for new or used equipment and consumables at better prices and/or faster than in primary market (usually non local suppliers). Among other things, the platform helps companies to cover seasonal and urgent needs, decrease their regular inventories and diminish dead stock. 
Tel: +30 6974193381

Artimelia operates in the field of robotic assistive devices for upper-limb disabled people. By exploiting an innovative actuation technology of smart materials, Artimelia aims to bring to the market high-tech and affordable devices, capable of satisfying to a great extent the users’ needs. Currently, its main focus is on the development of innovative bionic hands that have significant comparative advantages over the existing commercial options, such as totally silent operation, low size and weight, comfortable fit, advanced and rapid control, and low fabrication and maintenance costs.  
Tel: +30 6931518168

ASAP powered by ThinkkingGroup
The company Thinkking Group aims to modernize and digitize the way that deliveries are getting executed, in order to increase productivity, create new jobs, reduce transportation costs and promote the use of innovative technologies. Our suggestion is the service “ASAP”. This service includes the development of a database for self-employed couriers (mainly motorcycle drivers) and its integration with a web platform where every professional/entrepreneur can request for couriers. The drivers will use a smartphone application in order to create a profile in the database, undertake the delivery of goods, receive directions through maps/GPS, and execute payments. The initial plan is to execute food deliveries, but the company’s goal is to quickly expand to other markets, such as pharmacies and retailers. The service “ASAP” will be “on demand”. Hence, for every order that the entrepreneur loads in the platform, the cost will be equal to a percentage commission. The client will make the payment using a credit or debit card through the POS that the courier of “ASAP” will carry.
Tel: +30 6947504350

Please Don’t Tell is a service that connects experienced locals with travellers. We work with boutique and lifestyle hotels to connect their guests with our local experts who can instantly find and book the best experiences. Our locals will be there when you need a great place to eat or a taxi to pick you up from your hotel, and after dinner you can ask for a great place to grab a drink! All of these services can be booked automatically through a chat message. It’s just as easy as this. We set really strict criteria’s when choosing our locals and the places they propose in order to offer a unique experience to  travelers during their stay away from the stereotypical tourist places. Our mission is to make travel peaceful, personal and mysterious.

Challedu is an EdTech startup which creates innovative educational games for all the ages. Our main purpose is the delivery of products and services that transform the education to an experiential discovery game. We deeply believe that gaming and creativity is not a waste of time. On the contrary they are the most essential ways of discovering the world around us and inside us. The experience of playing or creating something leads to an irreplaceable personal involvement and memory. From our perspective school activities or quizzes covered with gamificated elements belongs to the past. Our games use real experiential art activities and gaming as educational tools. No more broccolis covered with chocolate! Moreover we try to approach education in a holistic way that brings to the surface the talents of players. Our educational topics are part of three main axes (soft skills, science, and culture) and games addresses to different types of intelligent.
Will you take the challenge of Challedu? 
Tel: +30 6947812734 - +30 6974753727

Cooklab delivers a box at your doorstep which contains fresh ingredients at the right quantities, ready to be cooked so that you can create fancy step-by-step recipes in less than30 minutes. Cooklab’s mission is to turn cooking into a pleasant and creative activity, allowing customers to spend time on the things that really matter to them, and to promote a healthier lifestyle. For Cooklab, food is not only a biological need but also a social one because it brings us together with our families, friends and colleagues as we share moments of gustatory delight!
Tel: +30 6948533563 - +30 6980278969

Ex Machina
Ex Machina leverages the power of Internet of Things to provide turnkey environmental monitoring solutions, with emphasis on weather analytics. Using off-the-shelf or custom home-made hardware, Ex Machina is making the world a smarter place, mainly in the areas of smart cities, smart buildings and smart agriculture.
Aiming to eliminate weather uncertainty, Ex Machina built the Weather ex Machina service, currently available as a smartphone app. Creating and (soon) making available its own autonomous, online weather station it can provide personalized, reliable weather forecast for every location, in urban or rural environments.
Ex Machina’s portfolio includes customers such as Athens International Airport and Attiki Gas Supply Company, which benefit from its air/noise pollution monitoring and weather analytics services, through mass cost reductions and a greener identity.
Tel: +30 215 215 7552

forawalk is a mobile application exclusively for dog owners. The ultimate goal is networking via joint walks of dogs with their owners. Users come together through the application of an interactive map and smart search filters. As a result, the user can personalize and shape the experience of a dog walk according to one’s wishes.
The concept was grown out of forawalk’s team personal experiences, which consists of four friends.

Fraud Line 
Fraud Line offers thorough and innovative solutions for the establishment of business ethics and the elimination of fraud within companies and organizations. We minimize company losses due to fraud, protect company reputation, secure jobs and improve corporate cultures. We value prevention by making the employee our ally in the fight against fraud. 

We provide customized solutions to meet our customer's unique needs:
Assessment and management of fraud risks.
Establishment of anti-fraud corporate policies and measures.
Experiential education/awareness programmes aiming to change attitudes and lift employee morale.
Consulting services for the investigation and resolution of fraud incidents.
On-line whistleblowing platform.

Our whistleblowing platform enables employees and other stakeholders to report fraud incidents easily and anonymously through a personal computer or their smartphone. The platform allows to maintain a communication channel with the employee reporting the incident, without compromising their anonymity.
Fraud affects everyone and should concern everyone. Fraud Line has the solution.
Tel: +30 6977356534

Rubinsta is an innovative digital marketing platform for food and beverage stores and at the same time an addictive treasure hunt game for users.
Rubinsta is an addictive and competitive treasure hunt game taking place in real life.  Rubinsta consists of a map with scattered GEMS, placed on the physical location of our member stores. Rubinsta users collect GEMS by completing simple tasks.  Aim of these tasks is to attract new customers to partner stores and to create buzz and inspire word of mouth marketing on their social media pages. Users can then exchange collected GEMS for gift cards,  mobile credits, prepaid cards and many more amazing gifts.
At the same time Rubinsta is an innovative platform for targeted mobile marketing and social media content generation. Businesses benefit from  buzz  on social networks and increased customer traffic. Moreover, companies are now able to send to users automated and targeted offers. 

Concluding partner stores benefit from the following:
- We attract new customers to their stores
- We help them send targeted offers through the Rubinsta platform
- We help them built their own loyalty program through the Rubinsta platform
- We incentivize users to check-in and to like their social media pages
- We give them access to customers’ demographics and visit frequency.
Tel: +30 6989668931 - +30 6938967244

GenARCH “Generative ARCHITECTURE for energy efficiency” 
GenARCH is an innovative Architectural Design Studio specializing in the field of nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Combining the latest generative/parametric design software with optimization, using genetic algorithms and energy simulation, we provide energy efficient and differentiated design solutions for the design of new buildings and the energy retrofitting of existing ones. 
Mobile: +30 6976990998 (Eleftheria Touloupaki) is a creative travel company that takes small groups of travelers on highly customized experiences with knowledgeable & fun field experts. Our services include thematic and tailor-made walking tours, unforgettable gastronomic experiences like Greek cooking classes and gastronomy walks, family-friendly workshops & folk dancing lessons. 
We also excel at MICE by creating itineraries and outdoor team-building activities for the corporate world. 
We uniquely combine the cultural exploration with the local insights of the city by inventing original tours and providing our customers with outstanding guides, inspiring itineraries & valuable commentary.  
Our secret sauce is the focus on that single guest and how they would feel on this tour, with that guide - paying attention to these little things that make the difference. 
The company is currently operating in Athens, Peloponnese and Heraklion Crete and was recently awarded as Exclusive Tour Operator of the year, by Luxury Travel Guide.
We are proud to have been awarded as the Exclusive Tour Operator of the Year 2017 by Luxury Travel Guide, for featuring the best of Greece to our guests.
Τηλ: +30 6942070899

Humane is a social enterprise, empowering people with chronic diseases and disabilities. We have created the “Humane reaction” products: highly designed t-shirts, mugs and notebooks. Each “reaction” product is dedicated to a different disease and supports three values: awareness of the general public, financial support of health care services and labor integration of people with chronic diseases and disabilities. We are a network that connects designers and health care providers with the patients and calls every citizen to a positive reaction.
Tel: +30 6974086554 (Ariadni Kosmadaki), +30 6970598335 (Dimitris Kontopides)

Ingredio is a mobile application, which scans the ingredients of a product (cosmetics or food) for toxicity. Our application is a chemical lab in your hands! We aim at informing the growing share of consumers who want to know what is contained in the products they use and embrace healthy eating and cosmetics without toxic chemicals. Our mission is to empower the growing portion of people that want to live a healthy lifestyle and be more conscious about healthy nutrition and cosmetics without toxic chemicals. Our vision is to create a society free of toxic chemicals and inform and educate consumers about the  ingredients of the products they buy. The Ingredio team works to achieve its goals, which is to protect human health and environment and increase consumer awareness towards a world free from hazardous chemicals.
Twitter @ingredio

Keeano is a social network based on the needs of a contemporary consumer, visitor or tourist of a beach. It is a cloud service with mobile clients on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) that helps the end user search for the most suited beaches based on the profile the user has created on other social networks or Keeano itself, also giving the user the ability to record a beach or events related to it. The application can guide and inform a user about details related to the weather, the whereabouts of friends, the facilities and structure of a beach as well as offers promoted by local businesses via the platform. The user will be rewarded with points and gifts when using the application depending on the actions performed. Keeano is an extrovert data driven mobile application that aims to record coast lines on a global scale. 
Tel: + 30 6972288893

LilTECH is a startup company that operates in the fields of electronics, automation, innovative wearable technologies and sensors. The company aims to optimize daily routines in order to make peoples’ lives easier. The first product of LilTECH is LilyWatch. It is an OpenSource 3D printable smartwatch that senses the movement of one’s fingers in order to control other devices (IoT, Mobile, PC etc.).
Tel: +30 6987320241

Mentor is active in the incoming cultural (archaeological/educational) tourism segment, the strategic tourism development planning of areas with strong cultural character, as well as the management of cultural businesses.

Mentor is committed to providing unique, personalised and meaningful travel experiences, by promoting the striking archaeological sites and museums of Greece to those demanding and inquisitive travellers in search of something more. The company's philosophy lies in the harmonious blend of intriguing thematic tours by highly qualified guides with thought-provoking seminars and workshops by enthusiastic, unique in their field, academics and artists. Seminars on the Origins of Theatre, the Hippocratic Diet and Medicine, Pottery, Ancient Mysteries, Linguistics, the Hesiod's Theogony, Ancient Olympic Sports, combined with themed tours such as "The Sacred Way; the road to Eleusis", "The 5 Sacred Cities of Ancient Greece” and "The Healing Sanctuaries of Ancient Greece”, intend to provide a deeper understanding of the glorious Ancient Greek civilisation, through visits to sites of sublime archaeological, architectural, historical and aesthetic value.

With regard to the management of cultural businesses, Mentor has acquired experience during the last years in projects related to tourism promotion of Western Attica, the Archaeological Site of Eleusis and the enhancement of its cultural heritage. As a matter of fact, a unique position among its portfolio is occupied by Eleusis 2021 | European Capital of Culture, whose Mentor is responsible for the strategic marketing and communication planning before and after its recent designation. 

t: (+30) 210 300 8333

Messinian Hub-herbal products & more
Messinian Hub-herbal products & more is a new innovative company in the field of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants (MAPs). It combines the micropropagation laboratory (in vitro), the installation of vertically integrated production (cultivation, processing, and packaging) of MAPs and the creation of a group of farmers oriented to alternative agriculture. The company aims to use high quality raw materials, which will be standardized either as small plants (plantlets), dried herbs, or essential oils. The main innovation lies in the tissue culture, meaning the production of very large numbers of genetically – similar certified plants, the possibility of propagation and eventually survival of endangered plant species and the possibility of maintaining a certified genetic material  in a preservation bank for a long period of time. The mass production of plants, during the year, in a limited space and time, in conjunction with the vertically integrated production unit, is the competitive advantage of the company, as it seeks to cover the entire production cycle of MAPs, creating economies of scale.
Τηλ: +30 697 4718795 - +30 694 0776531

Neoperativa is a modern agency that operates in the New Media industry and provides strategic design, production, management, presentation and promotion of innovative projects (NeoProjects) of digital, interactive and multimedia content -of all kinds- with commercial, artistic or/and social purpose. 
Additionally, Neoperativa offers specialized and personalized consulting services with directness and flexibility, in order to satisfy the needs of businesses, organizations and entities that wish to gain a distinctive presence in the digital world, but have limited resources, means or expertise. 
Main element of differentiation is based on the fact that the agency bases its operation on the development of an active and youthful online community of creators (NeoCreators) with different educational and professional background, so as to support originality, enthusiasm, participation, talent and collaboration. 
Through its platform, Neoperativa becomes the gear that connects the creative community to the business world, while promoting unique, enjoyable, meaningful and imaginative productions! 
Τηλ: +30 6982131410 (Thanos Kapranos)

Oinό is a hybrid store (wine shop - wine bar), which innovates by leveraging a wine dispensing system with smartcards. By selectively adjusting this system, Oinό not only introduces an independent wine tasting/consuming possibility together with the typical customer service but also achieves a further differentiation of tasting quantity pricing. The fundamental business principles of Oino are the user-centered approach to a holistic wine tasting experience, the promotion of Greeκ vineyards domestically and abroad, as well as the expansion to wine related products and domains.
Tel: +30 693 6092458 - +30 694 6060972

Reventia is a B2B startup located in Athens, providing user biometric authentication solutions, which are available as soft Intellectual Properties into System on Chip (SoC) Low Energy Devices applied within Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Reventia acts as an IP vendor implementing biometric authentication through voice print or heart sound while extending its research to other end device authentication schemes. Reventia’s user authentication soft IPs provide robust, flexible and easily portable embedded software solutions for system on chip low energy smart devices that require low footprint functionality. A high level of security is guaranteed for customers through a multi-layer approach. Biometric authentication combined with Bluetooth Low Energy protocol (BLE) guarantees a simple, powerful and cost-efficient way for secure access to wearables and other IoT devices. Reventia’s voice / heart sound Soft IPs are compatible with virtually all processors based on ARM architecture, providing added value to the semiconductor industry.
Tel: +30 6932239491 - +30 6936092273

Smart City Sensing (SCS)
Smart City Sensing offers a range of solutions targeted on managing city assets, with the goal of improving the quality of life of citizens, leveraging social and economic growth and using technology to tackle inefficiencies and meet resident’s needs.
Our platform uses a network of wireless sensors that monitors parking spaces and provides real time information to drivers and local authorities about the availability of such spaces around a city. The goal of our solution is to mitigate traffic congestion caused by drivers looking to park their vehicles and allow local authorities to manage their resources and assets in an efficient manner. By significantly reducing parking time, our platform plays a major role in creating a better, cleaner and stress-less urban environment.
Tel: +30 6944833802

Social Plus  
"Social Plus" is a non-profit organization established to enhance the reintegration of persons belonging to vulnerable groups through the social economy. We design and we implement innovative programs and actions, which overall support the individuals, the social cooperatives which are their main employers, health and mental health professionals, giving a new dimension to CSR activities.
Τηλ.: +30 6976292421 - +30 6943851715

StArtbio is an innovative company in the molecular diagnostics field, aiming to develop cutting edge diagnostic methods for the allergic diseases and the pathogens (especially viruses) that cause anaphylaxis and exacerbation of allergic diseases. The main objective is to provide physicians with the appropriate tools for efficient diagnosis of allergic diseases with both high specificity and the coverage of a wide spectrum of allergens and infections. 

Tactical is a real time incident and facility management software system for great properties, infrastructures and live events. The system consists of two components: 
Tactical APP, an intuitive smartphone application used by staff with the feature of rich communication and workflow tools.
Tactical OPS, a desktop application used by managers with user-friendly features for incident and facility management.
Tel: +30 26510 48522

Tooristas is a 360 solution for travel activity providers and tour operators
In the year 2017 everything seems to be one click away and the overwhelming trend in the tourism sector revolves around personalised, thematic experiences. On the other hand, the majority of activity/experience providers are still using traditional, off-line methods in order to manage their businesses and promote their services. Tooristas SaaS solution provides a holistic approach to theproblem equipping activity providers with all the necessary management and distribution tools and thus, enabling travelers to locate and purchase such activities online. 
Τel: +30 6979 77 46 600

Woof Club 
Woof Club is an online accommodation booking platform providing tourism services and bringing together pet owners and pet friendly hotels. Our mission is to improve pet-friendly standards in the hospitality industry. Woof Club’s innovation refers to the creation of a sophisticated booking system that allows customers wishing to travel with pets to book accommodation online along with extra products and services addressed to their pets and to be assured that their pets are really welcome to the destination. Moreover, Woof Club enables market players in hospitality industry to provide high-level hospitality services to customers traveling with pets and to efficiently rebrand their profile as pet friendly businesses.    
Tel: 210 3006888 - 6955221142  

Work it
work it is the new way of networking and endorsement in cafes, bars and restaurants. It offers the chance for the staff to showcase their skills, for companies to find targeted personnel and get valuable customer feedback for their services and for customers to leave a tip in a new and exciting way. Our goal is to highlight the importance of well-trained personnel in the food and beverage industry.

Joy Park: A Park for All
The «Joy Park: A Park for All» is an innovative multipurpose recreational and educational artspace, which aims to create a new philosophy around the vulnerable group of Persons with Disabilities (PD), in order to mitigate social prejudice in modern Greece. The central core of the «Joy Park: A Park for All» is to deliver the first specially adapted and accessible outdoor and indoor playground with special educational needs equipment, in order to allow children with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities for active play side-by-side with normally developing children. At the same time, the «Joy Park: A Park for All» aims to create an environment attractive to a growing segment of the population, offering a range of innovative entertaining and educational activities, aspiring to create all-inclusive play and educational area, in order to promote inclusion and participation of Persons with Disabilities (PD) within society. Educational workshops and sports activities for children with or without disabilities, workshops and conferences for professionals, and the creation of a social network among carers supporting Persons with Disabilities (PD), will be key pillars of our vision.
Τηλ: +30 6945637145