Egg - Enter Grow Go


The Program "egg - enter•grow•go" has designed a programme of business training topics, tailored to the needs of start-ups. This intensive business training programme lasts for three months and covers a total of 12 modules, which support the capacity and skills of participating business groups in the following areas:
Project management: basic principles of project management, such as inventory and accounts receivable management, time management, resources, costs, risks, coordinated project tracking, change management, etc.

Managing intellectual property: introduction to the significance of protecting intellectual property in order to avoid any loss or exploitation of intellectual property by third parties, as well as how a company can exploit its intellectual property in the most efficient manner.

Corporate communication and public relations: introduction to the importance of corporate image making in ways that support the identification and management of the company goals and how businesses can leverage the correct, complete and targeted communications to achieve strategic objectives.

Strategic marketing: practical familiarity with tools for preparation and planning of a company marketing strategy, utilizing techniques and methodologies for the design of the portfolio of services and products in order to increase competitiveness and penetration into new markets/ segments.

Sales techniques: introduction to the importance of effective customer management and sales techniques in order to develop a professional approach to promote the company's services and products to potential or existing customers.

Financial Management: what are the main economic activities of the enterprise, how do these contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and introduction to methods of company valuation and investment appraisal.

Accreditation and quality control: basic principles of quality assurance, operational techniques and tools required to verify the quality requirements and introduction to the main methods of quality assurance in operations and production processes.
Human resources management: fundamentals in regards to  human resource and talent management, selection of the right people, development and utilization of human resources.

Investment and asset management: an analysis of the investment process, focusing on understanding the operations of hedge funds, business angels, corporate investors and familiarity with the relevant  terminology with a practical entrepreneurial approach.

Export activities: basic principles for the development of international business, international trade agreements, familiarity with the terminology, methods and tools to achieve international commercial collaborations, etc.

Public funding: familiarity with the available options of public funding for young innovative enterprises at national and international level and practical advice on the best use of public funds.

Elevator pitch: key principles for the optimal presentation of a product or service utilizing to the fullest extent the minimum time or a "window of opportunity" that often an entrepreneur has with a potential client or investor.

In addition to the above intensive business training programme, distinguished instructors and practitioners are regularly invited to provide ad-hoc lectures on specific topics of interest of the participating business groups, throughout the duration