Egg - Enter Grow Go

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All aspects of entrepreneurship are at the heart of the educational activity of ALBA. Furthermore, we focus on disseminating knowledge and supporting new business. It therefore goes without saying that we support and applaud the "egg - enter•grow•go" initiative. Encouraging youth entrepreneurship is not only commendable but necessary in a time full of challenges. The "egg - enter•grow•go" initiative stands out by offering not only opportunities, but also the right tools and support.

ALBA offers business training in "Strategic Marketing".

Cisco from its inception until today, drives on innovation. It’s philosophy is that  great ideas can create the conditions for sustainable change. So any attempt to showcase innovative ideas, especially by young entrepreneurs, finds Cisco an ally and a supporter. 

CISCO offers equipment for Wireless networking for the "egg - enter•grow•go"  premises.

Creating a new business is a project. The use of tools, techniques, best practices and lessons learned from project management in a startup can contribute very positively to the desired result required for a start up. Critical Path fully supports the "egg - enter•grow•go" initiative and wants to contribute by sharing experience - through concrete, practical examples - to the young entrepreneurs.

Critical Path offers Business Training in "Project Management"

In EEDE we believe that entrepreneurship is a concept inherently linked to the perception of the creativity of Greeks, For him who is  interested in defining  his own future, who leads the way in progress  and innovates. EEDE is currently in the second half-century of its operation, and in view of its voluntary contribution to the development of executives, business and economy, it is developing activities related to Corporate Responsibility. Therefore EEDE supports an initiative like the "egg - enter•grow•go"Programme.

“Grant Thornton in Greece actively and systematically supports actions of encouraging and growth of youth entrepreneurship, innovation and openness, all of which are values that characterize our development policy and are aligned  with the «egg–enter•grow•go» program by Eurobank and Corallia. Grant Thornton is a leading business advisor that helps dynamic organizations to unlock their potential for growth providing audit, tax and advisory services. As a global organization of member firms with more than 47,000 people in 140 countries, our clients come to us for our technical skills and industry capabilities but also for our different way of thinking.” 

The initiative of the "egg - enter•grow•go" Progamme for the formation of a well-organized incubator of innovation and entrepreneurship that supports youth entrepreneurship is an important development that coincides with the objective of KEMEL. KEMEL with the rich intellectual capital of its members happily supports the efforts of the "egg - enter•grow•go" Programme aiming to maximize the prospects of  success of the start-ups that will be launched through it.

Today more than ever, our country needs modern, innovative Greek entrepreneurship. The new generation of entrepreneurs who in these difficult times would take the risk  to implement their business idea are the ones who will support our country in its path towards growth over the next few years.
The core principle on which the egg - enter•grow•go Programme is based coincides perfectly with the philosophy and purpose of the Entrepreneurship Club for promoting and supporting healthy Greek entrepreneurship. It is our great pleasure to actively support such important initiatives.

The "egg - enter•grow•go" Programme  is an important initiative for the development of the ecosystem of youth innovative entrepreneurial activity and an enhancement of employment prospects of young people in the country. Microsoft, via its Greek Innovation Centre has been actively supporting the efforts of Greek technology startups since 2008 and hopes that the support provided  to startups that will participate in the Programme will help them in their business success.

Microsoft offers participation in the Microsoft BizSpark program

MPLegal willingly supports the "egg - enter•grow•go" initiative not only because it falls in the area of its expertise, and thus is able to add value to programme participants, but also because it shares and fully endorses the objectives of the initiative in supporting youth innovative entrepreneurship. By engaging in the new technologies market and the academic employment of its partners, MPLegal has realized the importance of supporting young people with innovative ideas and willingness to implement them, and intends to make every effort in this direction.

MPLegal offers Services in the Protection of Intellectual Property and Law Vesting as well as Business Training in "Managing Intellectual Property"

OTE offers Services and equipment for Internet access, web hosting and emails

Pitch is a fresh, vibrant Strategic Communications & Public Relations agency committed in providing authentic solutions for its clients, based on the well-rounded experience of its team members coming from different fields of communications and marketing. Daily Pitch generates and implements ideas that serve their purpose, builds solid and mutual beneficial relations between brands, companies, organizations and their publics, and delivers measurable results.

ImageFlow/Polycom will gladly support this initiative of seeking to boost youth entrepreneurship that is promised by “egg - enter • grow • go” for two important reasons. First, because it believes that it is everyone’s the duty to support every new effort aimed at creating successful startup companies and secondly, because it wants to actively participate in the innovative initiative of Eurobank and Corallia, one their oldest corporate partners.

ImageFlow/Polycom offers teleconferencing.

Nowadays, it is important to create an environment of optimism, which will inspire and be inspired.  Such an environment is able to introduce initiatives that highlight the characteristics of our country and invest in a more optimistic future and a safer tomorrow. Based on this premise, SEPE supports the "egg - enter•grow•go" Progamme, as an important initiative which enhances and showcases young entrepreneurship in our country and which contributes to the optimism of the growth potential of the
Greek economy.

The Hellenic Initiative is a global movement of the Greek Diaspora.  Our mission is to invest in the future of Greece through direct philanthropy and economic revitalization. We empower people to provide crisis relief, encourage entrepreneurs and create jobs. The «egg – enter•grow•go» program is in line with our core values as it supports entrepreneurs on the ground with the hope of creating opportunities for growth for the country.

It is with great enthusiasm that we want to be part of the creative community "being drafted" in the "egg - enter•grow•go" Programme. Together we share the same vision of a new "tribe" of creative Greeks, who are innovation-oriented and view the future with strength and confidence.

TRIBE offers Services in corporate and product brand development & communication materials.

Standing policy of Xerox Hellas is to support social and business activities that promote modern entrepreneurship and create the appropriate environment and conditions for the sustainability of employment, especially for young people. This policy coincides perfectly with the philosophy and objectives of the "egg - enter•grow•go" Programme by Eurobank and Corallia, which Xerox supports. Today's young people are the entrepreneurs and leaders of the future and initiatives like this one helps young people to realise their business ideas and to contribute positively to the challenges our country is facing.

XEROX provides equipment for printing / scanning


Realize Group always supported startup businesses with innovative services that were designed to allow a small company with a limited budget to acquire capabilities that only large enterprises could, making it competitive from day one. We believe that "egg - enter•grow•go" is a worthwhile effort that should be supported by everyone in order to contribute in building a better future for our country.

SEVT believes that innovation and gradual improvement in the value of the product is the fastest and most profitable path towards growth.

• A new path to innovation would be to strengthen the collaboration between universities, industry and manufacturers to provide expertise to improve product quality and expand innovative practices.
• The creation of a recognisable global accreditation mechanism for original Greek products and activities related to each product such as its packaging and its name and  branding.
The development of a national strategy for research and innovation through which:
• national priorities will be set
• results of research and will be examined and used
• the collaboration between research and business with be facilitated

Within this framework,  SEVT has established and has operated since 2009, the Greek Food Technology Platform "Food for Life" following the standards of the corresponding European platform. Thus began the collaboration and communication among enterprises of the food industry and the academic and research community  with the objective of promoting national research priorities around food and innovation as an important pillar of development.

At the same time, SEVT promotes and supports innovation of the new generation of youths to create innovative food products through the nationwide contest of ECOTROPHELIA. The competition aims both to support young Greek students engaged in food science and give them an extra incentive for research and creativity and to become a breeding ground of innovative ideas that could be useful for the food industry.