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i-host is the first Electronic Greek Reservations Book for restaurants and similar trades offering hospitality and leisure services. It is a state of the art tables, reservations & customer relations management system for restaurants, designed for tablet PCs. i-host replaces the ''paper note'' method for the management of reservations while it allows access to new, innovative, pioneering and useful services, including customer base digitalization, customer traffic history and statistical reports. 

i-host is adopted by the most popular and remarkable restaurants and hotels in Greece and aspires to become the absolute customer loyalty (digital) tool for companies operating in the hospitality sector.


Sensoraide leverages Internet of Things Technologies for the agricultural sector to optimize yields and improve the quality of the final products while saving resources, leading towards a sustainable food future. We provide a complete remote monitoring and decision-making solution, leveraging the power of Wireless Sensor Networks and big data analysis.
Sensoraide provides farmers with sensor network hardware, specifically designed to fulfill their needs and to be easily deployed. These sensors measure a number of environmental values and send the data wirelessly to the cloud. Users can access both real time and historical data from any desktop or mobile device via actionable visuals. They can also access fully customizable and dynamic analytics and reports. Finally, Sensoraide provides a fully customizable alert notification system via sms and email when deviations from the optimal conditions are observed.

Τel: +30 6936622332 

ARDUStech is a new technology company that operates in the functional food and beverage industry. Using the technology of microencapsulation, the company offer its customers a wide range of high nutritional value and superior quality products. Starting from the creation of products based on the transformation of Greek olive oil into solid form (Greek olive oil powder), objective of ARDUStech is to create innovative Greek products that meet the needs of the modern market internationally for solutions and high added value products, in food and beverage industry.

Tel: +30 6938929737

Out of the Box
“Out of the Box” is an educational brand which delivers differentiated education “in a box”. Our aim is the enhancement of the learning process with creativity and critical thinking. To this end, we offer customized educational enrichment packages for students and for teachers’ use, complementary to the ones provided by the school curiculum. “Out of the Box” is an educational portal which stands as a benchmark for interdisciplinary and blended learning, while it provides multiple scale support and guidance to children, parents and teachers.

Tel: +30 6937021363

Advantis Medical Imaging
Advantis Medical Imaging is a medtech startup focused on the development of an advanced cloud-based brain MRI software, which offers more timely and accurate diagnosis of severe chronic brain diseases. The main innovation about Advantis Medical Imaging regards the methodologies implemented for the reconstruction of the human brain's nerve fibers, which achieve a 90% accuracy rate in the final 3D depiction of the neural connections compared to the existing software which do not exceed the 65%. Moreover, another innovative characteristic lies on the cloud technology as a means of providing services, which offers the user flexibility and interoperability among different devices.

Τel +30 698 6107 682

Costa Nostrum®
Costa Nostrum® (= our coast) is an innovative tool that can be applied to all Mediterranean beaches targeting in their sustainable development. Its main purpose is the development of a management plan, a certification standard, under which, sustainable management and development is achieved of each beach focusing in environmental protection, economic development of the areas around the beach and the prosperity of society.
Moreover the standard certification Costa Nostrum® will be an online tourist information portal of visitors - Mediterranean tourists, regarding infrastructure, classification and characteristics of each Costa Nostrum® sustainable beach.
The benefits from the adoption of beaches as Costa Nostrum®  are multiple and important, both for the respect and protection of the environment and culture, as well as economically and socially for the local communities and the economy.

Τel: +30 2810334025

 City Crop
City Crop is a company that manufactures automated indoor systems of hydroponic cultivation which customers can control using a Smartphone technology. 
Customers can grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers in their home and business environment. They can control temperature, humidity, lighting and they can observe the cultivation progress using a Smartphone Application. In addition they can share their experience (photos and videos) by joining “City Crop community” on the web and use all the help from our experts. 
Thanks to its modern, attractive and practical design, the device can easily be placed in all areas, it can be expanded to create a tailor a unique individual crop system. 
The vision of City Crop is to raise consumer’s awareness regarding healthy eating habits which contributes not only to the well-being and longevity but also to the value of the environment itself.

Τel: +30 6985127667, +30 6944529565

GRAPES team operates in the precision agriculture sector. Our aim is to introduce the technologies of robotics and remote sensing to all Greek farmers - winemakers. Our main concern is the early diagnosis of diseases in the vineyard and the localization of mature, ready to collect, grapes that will lead to qualitative wine. Combining existing technologies through an automated analysis platform, GRAPES team aims to drastically reduce the analysis time, to optimize the production quality, to perfect the analysis of the entire production without errors, to reduce labor costs, to eliminate the risk of human injury, and especially to optimize the production quality of wine. Our vision is to conquer the markets of the entire Mediterranean.
Τel: +30 6944511417

TDI (Telematic Diagnostic Imaging) 
TDI is a tele-radiology company, formed by five experienced radiologists and an IT-specialist, aiming to provide high-quality remote radiology reporting. We provide radiological services to all kinds of healthcare providers (public hospitals, private imaging centers, clinics), in Greece but also abroad, covering emergency radiology, subspecialty reporting as well as second-opinion reporting. The skills and experience of our radiologists (all with UK NHS experience and different subspecialty interests) are combined with the use of state-of-the-art technology (picture archiving systems -PACS, radiology information systems - RIS, high-quality grayscale diagnostic monitors), aiming to enhance diagnostic accuracy, while protecting patient's confidentiality according to the highest international standards.

Τel: +30 6943822369, +30 6946686766, +30 6948404959,
 +30 6974559066

Reccodo is active in the field of e-commerce and in particular in the provision of services, aiming to the overall development of this sector. The purpose of Reccodo is to create a community of consumers and to become the communication bridge between consumers and e-shops. Its vision is to record and organize the experience of each consumer in order to become a useful tool in the society and in the market, which will lead to the improvement of the e-commerce services. 
The platform of Reccodo hosts all consumers’ comments and reviews, gives incentives for intensive interaction within the community and provides reporting and benchmarking services to the e-shops. 


Retravelling is an online hotel reservation resale firm. 
Innovation refers to the creation of a secondary market in hotel reservation between customers (C2C) who do not wish to use their hotel reservation and resell it and others who wish to enjoy an extra discount in their hotel reservation. 
The strategic plan adopts the "Blue Ocean Strategy" in the European market, due to the limited competition, and also utilizes the international trend of increasing C2C transactions by building a three way win-win relationship between buyer-seller-accomodation.

Tel: +30 6978805809, +30 6945755297, +30 6976711936

Cloudpharm operates in the field of applied research, its main goal being the discovery of bioactive compounds, with emphasis on natural products from the abundant biodiversity of the Mediterranean region. By applying state-of-the-art cloud computing algorithms, Cloudpharm offers integrated solutions in the development stages of innovative products. The service portfolio of Cloudpharm addresses the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the food and cosmetics industry.

Monumental Plaza, Building C, Kifissias Avenue 44 
Marousi, 151 25, Athens, Greece
Τel: +30 214 100 1098

Parametric Chassis
The Parametric Chassis and Suspension Module Technology is an innovation in the fields of automotive design / product development / industrialization and manufacture. 
The start-up aims to bring the technology to the market on a royalty/joint development/joint industrialization basis. 
Primarily developing novel marketing strategies in order to increase customer familiarization / recognition and ultimately acceptance of the original notion, as well as the specific design solutions on offer, one of the marketing activities developed involve toy and gaming applications.

Τel: +30 6940958590

Ambaassador is a cloud platform that offers a unified toolset of backend as a service and loyalty features. The platform's capabilities aid rapid application development, user base retention and communication, thanks to features like easy user and data management, push notifications, advanced user targeting and data analytics mashups. Our goal is to eliminate the need of server-side systems during the app development phase, while also providing the ability to create a complete consumer engagement strategy. The platform is based on cloud infrastructure for infinite scaling and performance & continuous, uninterrupted use of service.

Shop Trace
Shop Trace is a Company that aims to provide turn key solution products for indoor consumer behavior analysis. Making use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), beacons that attach to shopping baskets and do not require the consumer’s interaction as a user, advanced embedded systems and the latest web applications technologies aims to gather data, analyze and provide profound insights towards the consumer’s journey and shopping habits. Shop trace aims to enrich the customer experience, complete purchasing decisions increase average transaction value, empower store navigation and optimize category and space productivity for super markets, goods suppliers, transportation and logistic companies.


WEPOLITICS is the first socio-political network that connects decision makers with citizens in an efficient and effective way. WEPOLITICS aims to become the social network, where political discussions and debates have a quantitative outcome. Our moto is: “Talking is good, but measuring is great”. In this context, WEPOLITICS enhances democratic values and gives the power to citizens, to act and express themselves on a frequent basis and not just on election days.
WEPOLITICS tries to solve a major social issue, since it is usually difficult to record the opinion of those who agree with an issue, simply because dissidents are inherently noisier! WEPOLITICS records and counts equally everyone's opinion! Each user is able to answer anonymously questions, posted by other users, and ask specific questions of their own. 

RECYCGLOBE is an innovative business in the  sector of recycling . Through the internet platform connects directly individual users who dispose recyclable material with enterprises or individuals who activated in the sector of collecting and treating waste. 
RECYCGLOBE is an e - business who design and improve a tool which aims to provide at the interested business the ability of the targeted collection at the source of clean and separated materials. At the same time, it gives the opportunity for individuals to enjoy reciprocal benefits or direct rewards from recycling: recycle. connect. gain.

Τel: +30 6944 520 914

Shopkeep is a cloud platform which collects, records and analyzes data of consumer transactions from points of sale through the use of smartphones. The collection is achieved automatically and with every single interaction. This way the users have access to a detailed account of their expenditures and its distribution among different products. At the same time businesses and third parties have access to a complete sales analysis platform.


RaMon is a platform for automatic audio analysis of radio broadcasting content that provides quantified reports and content visualizations to market specialists, advertising agents, brand specialists and radio stations. The user can see when, where (i.e. which radio station) and in which context has a particular commercial (or a set of commercials from a particular brand) been broadcasted. Apart from the functionality of commercials tracking, in RaMon we develop algorithms that analyze the content of the radio broadcasts in terms of speech, topics, speakers and music. In this way, the RaMon platform provides a type of indirect description and representation of the commercials' target groups.

Cocoon Modules
Cocoon Modules are planning to deliver your home by up-cycling shipping containers to transform them into modular housing. By totally exploiting their geometry, they deliver to the market a high-end product that can be built in a fast, sustainable and affordable way, whether that is a holiday home, a hotel development or emergency shelters. Two key points of the project are automation in production and integration of sustainable systems and smart low tech technologies for everyday-life applications and long distance control. The plan is to initially develop the project through an interactive website, where users are asked to set the parameters regarding their project in order to generate a photorealistic model of it. At the same time they are focusing on building a prototype that will be used as an exhibit and a milestone to kick start their company.  

OptiFlex Energy
OptiFlex Energy provides end-to-end solutions for the optimal management of electrical installations, residential and industrial, interconnected to the grid, or autonomous, which may include self-production from renewable energy sources (RES), electricity storage equipment and controllable loads.
Using Optiflex telemetry, forecasting, optimization and control systems, our customers achieve to minimize the electricity cost through flexible management of the available energy sources, to maximize the return on investment for their main installations equipment, such as RES units and energy storage systems, and to increase the potential for energy independence.

VesselBot is a SaaS enabled marketplace that provides Charterers and Vessel Owners strategic, operating and financial efficiency benefits, by enabling them to identify the best possible counterparty, utilizing the least company resources, at a significantly lower cost than traditional chartering houses. Through an electronic marketplace both vessel owners, and cargo owners can identify the best possible company they could cooperate with in an automated way via the usage of VesselBot’s matching algorithm; an algorithm which takes into consideration a number of commercial, technical, geographical, and financial variables and provides the ideal proposals of cargo that a Vessel Owner could carry, and vice versa. At the same time VesselBot also compliments its matching services with other auxiliary services and tools facilitating the process of Hire Rate negotiation, and Charter party negotiation seamlessly and online, while linking its platform to other third party service providers. 
Τel:+30 695 192 8830 / +30 211 401 6523

 is the strong desire to travel and explore the world 
Wanderlust aims to become an experiential tourism web platform that showcases Greek thematic tourism as a contemporary competitive product. It covers the growing demand on experiential travelling by offering a one-stop service; an appealing and user-friendly platform where travelers can design their trip by combining different kinds of accommodation (farms, cottages etc) and alternative activities (agricultural, adventure sports, culinary experiences, cultural tours and events).  

Befriend & Offer
Befriend and Offer is an innovative social enterprise which was founded in Athens in 2015 by two brothers, Vaggelis and Ilias Banias. It produces casual apparel for men and women and sells them through

The company aims to combine entrepreneurship with social contribution by using an innovative process of selling its products: Based on the choice of each customer, for every product that is sold, Befriend and Offer offers a garment to someone in need or befriends financially a non-for profit organization.

Τel: +30 211 0124296

BFP Advanced Technologies
BFP Advanced Technologies is an international company which brings new dimensions to future technology. We manufacture innovative materials and long-lasting functional nano-coatings with never-before-seen capabilities for the restoration, protection and maintenance of almost any surface. 
With a particular sensitivity to environmental protection we put you at the heart of the process. Our scientists create brand-new products and our team of professionals constantly tries to serve diversified needs with manufacturing flexibility and prompt customer service. Our focus is on delivering a novel product with the highest possible value/price ratio.
Since its founding our company has won important distinctions and awards. We also hold 7 patent applications of which 3 already have been granted. The company’s management team has more than 25 years experience in materials science and industrial applications - a documented history of success that supports BFP.
Top notch quality is at the forefront of our priorities. Our production process is ISO certified and adheres to strict quality standards. We have achieved product official approvals from renowned organizations and our coatings are the primary choice of large substrate manufacturers and individual pioneers.
In BFP Advanced Technologies we are proud every time that we make practice an original idea. And even more proud when, customers from all around the world trust us exactly for doing that.

Τηλ: +30 2107010050  Fax: +30 2107010050