The egg – enter grow go community is a powerful one because we operate driven by respect, integrity, responsibility and a passion for business excellence.

Our Code of Conduct outlines the values we share and the conduct everyone within our network abides by: participants, associates, companies, and the members of the teams and companies.


  • We respect and trust one another. We work together in a fair manner, as stipulated in the Participation Agreement for the 12th cycle of egg.
  • We respect the agreements we make, official and unofficial, written and oral.
  • We do nor harass, threaten or insult, directly or indirectly, any associate, member of the egg – enter grow go, employee or anyone else.
  • We make the most of the money invested in our company, fully respecting it and aiming to make it grow further.


  • We provide true information to egg – enter grow go, when entering the programme and for as long as we are participating in it.
  • We are honest to our investors and partners.
  • We do not use misleading, illegal or unethical tactics to persuade, sell, etc.


  • We are careful when it comes to personal or confidential data or other information relating to members of the egg – enter grow go community, colleagues, employees or other associates.
  • We treat emails, sensitive data or information not intended for individuals outside the programme as confidential.

Business excellence

  • We operate with professionalism and credibility inside and outside of egg – enter grow go.
  • We engage in business and innovate, fully respecting our values.