egg – enter grow go is a leading business incubation and acceleration programme. It provides opportunities for suitable startup financing, mentoring, commercial operations, networking and extroversion through 2 platforms:

  1. Startups, teams or individuals with innovative ideas that are looking for the right tools and resources to become viable businesses (START UP).
  2. New businesses that want to accelerate their growth and venture on to their next step with a new product or expand into new markets in Greece or abroad (SCALE UP).

Our mission

Since 2013 we have been shaping the Greek startup scene. We are supporting innovative entrepreneurship with suitable infrastructure and guidance. We are creating opportunities for the growth, financing, networking and extroversion of startups.

Yes to sustainable entrepreneurship

We help startups expand, come into contact with investors, raise the funds they need, and find clients in Greece and abroad.

With the tools we give them, they can become viable businesses and grow in size and reach.

No to the brain drain

By supporting innovative entrepreneurship, we aspire to create new jobs.

Our aim is to keep productive and educated people in Greece, so they are not forced to seek opportunities abroad.

START UP (incubation)

In 12 months the egg business incubation platform helps newly established startups develop their innovation and become viable businesses.

ENTER (competition phase)

The startups submit their applications online. Experienced assessors rate the business plan of each startup based on its innovation, viability and potential.

GROW (business incubation)

The egg startups concentrate their efforts to the development of their product or service. We offer them support every step of the way:

  • Modern facilities and support services.
  • Mentors who offer them guidance and advice.
  • Training on business matters.
  • Startup financing.
  • Networking opportunities with entrepreneurs, potential clients or investors.

GO (graduation)

After they graduate, the startups can continue their relationship with egg, so they may have:

  • Access to the financial tools of the programme.
  • More networking opportunities with potential clients and investors.

SCALE UP (acceleration)

The egg business acceleration platform offers an integrated framework for business growth, networking and expansion to businesses running for more than 3 years.

Investment support

We invest in the Scale Up businesses to actively show our support.

We work closely with them so they may take their next business step.

Well-rounded consulting

With our guidance, the Scale Up businesses:

  • Set their long-term vision.
  • Target their product better.
  • Formulate their financing strategy and decide on suitable forms of funding.
  • Promote their business in Greece and abroad.

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We want the egg startups to be able to devote themselves to implementing their business plan. That’s why we help them raise the funds they need.

Financing tools

The egg startups have the chance to find startup financing through various tools, such as:

  • Loans with favourable terms
  • Microfinancing
  • Co-financed programmes

Access to investors

During special events, but also through investment platforms, the startups come into contact with investors.

This exposure gives them the chance to raise funds through:

  • Equity funding
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Angel investments


Mentors and advisors introduce the startups to the world of business. They help them unravel their entrepreneurial mindset and avoid mistakes.


Experienced professionals guide and support the egg – enter grow go startups.

A mentor is always standing by the startup. They help it set its targets and monitor the progress of its business plan.


Experienced executives support the egg startups on key issues:

  • Project management
  • Marketing and communication
  • Business and financial planning
  • Intellectual property and legal support


To expand their operations abroad, startups makes the most of networking tools and mechanisms. They identify new clients and opportunities to export their products.

International delegations

Every year the startups participate in educational and business delegations in Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

B2B match-making

Through the B2B networking opportunities, the teams identify potential clients. They network with strategic partners.

Through the international trade portal, the startups penetrate the global market.

They forge synergies for their commercial operations.

They have access to sources with dedicated information and advanced tools.

Find out more about the egg – enter grow go extroversion programme.


To give startups an extra push, we assign them to clusters depending on their activity sector, such as Tourism, FinTech, Energy, Logistics and Exponential Technologies.


The startups come into contact and network with other startups in their cluster with similar activities.

Through the clusters, they reap benefits that accelerate their growth.


They may undertake joint research activities with other people or startups in their cluster.

By joining forces, the startups manage to expand their target market.


The startups have the opportunity to forge synergies in their cluster sector.

They are constantly exposed to the latest news, trends and developments in their market. This boosts their productivity.

Fair play

The healthy competition that develops among the startups in each cluster fosters innovation.

Our people

Distinguished executives, scientists and experts contribute in making egg – enter grow go work: from its strategy to its day-to-day operation.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee makes all the strategic decisions and ensures that egg – enter grow go runs seamlessly.

It is made up of Eurobank and Corallia executives.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board submits proposals aiming to continuously improve egg – enter grow go.

It is made up of distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and experts from the business arena.

The egg team

The egg team is involved in the organisation and day-to-day operation of the programme.

They are the people who stand by the egg teams day in, day out and support them every step of the way.

Sponsors and supporters

The egg – enter grow go incubation and acceleration programmes are able to run thanks to the support of our sponsors and supporters.

Leading institutions

Leading businesses and organisations from the Greek and international market actively support our efforts.

They offer their professional services, infrastructure, time and know-how to the business teams free of charge.


From 2013 to 2023 Eurobank had invested:

  • €12 million directly in egg – enter grow go.
  • €3.2 million in startup financing.