A mentor by your side

Your mentor is your advisor and guide. They help you get a better grasp of the business world and offer advice, so you may avoid wrong moves due to your inexperience.

The professional experience you lack

They are accomplished professionals with experience and a business background.

Mentors share with you their knowledge and mistakes they may have made in the past.

Together you’ll set your goals and prepare the suitable plan that will lead you to success.

A steady presence that drives you

Each startup has an accomplished scientist by its side. You meet them regularly and talk to them whenever you need them.

Together you discuss the progress of your plan and they propose solutions to any challenges you may be facing.

They are right next to you to protect you from any wrong choices. They help you make the right steps so that you may see your business become healthy and successful.

The moral support you need

Your mentor helps you find your footing. Your relationship is one of trust, dialogue and learning. 
They operate as a model and offer you the confidence you need to overcome your fears and doubts, and accomplish your dream.