For your startup to grow, you need suitable financing and capital raising sources. Have a look at the forms of startup financing you can find through egg – enter grow go.

Loans with favourable terms

You have the chance to finance your startup with an up to €75,000 loan from Eurobank. This way you secure liquidity or the equipment you need.

For liquidity

Meet the daily needs of your startup with suitable working capital and a quite favourable interest rate.

Timely meet your payments when takings or sales take too long.

Pay in cash to get better deals.

For equipment

For the facilities, infrastructure and professional equipment for your startup, you can secure a loan with favourable interest rate and quite a long repayment term.

Eligibility requirements

To get a loan in the GROW Phase, you must have:

  • Set up your company.
  • Developed your business plan.

Eurobank reviews your information and offers financing to you depending on your needs and business plan.


With microloans up to €12.500 you can meet your cash needs and get the equipment you need for your startup.

Up to €12.500

Supported by the Action Finance Initiative (AFI) you can secure financing for your startup for small amounts up to €12.500 to meet its basic needs.

AFI works with Eurobank to give out these small loans.

Eligibility requirements

To get microfinancing in the GROW Phase you must have set up your company and have a viable business plan.

The traits of your startup – e.g. commercial activity, innovative idea, technology being developed or purpose of financing – are not important.

It is a flexible way for long-term unemployed, people in vulnerable social groups and micro-enterprises with no access to bank borrowing to obtain financing.

Equity Funding

Through investment platforms and direct contacts you can find the necessary capital and a suitable investor for your startup.


Through the EquiFund investment platform you gain access to startup financing options, fully tailored to the modern entrepreneurship needs.

Through EquiFund, institutional bodies, including the (European Investment Fund – EIF) and the (European Investment Bank – EIB), and investment funds invest in:

  • Research and innovation.
  • Startups.
  • Scaleups.

Eurobank is a private investor in 3 EquiFund funds:

Find out how you can obtain financing from the EquiFund investment platform.

Investor Day

Large Greek businesses, private equity funds and business angels interested in investing in a startup participate in the Investor Day.

We offer you advice on how to pitch your startup and its prospects, so that you may attract investment capital.

Co-financed programmes

You have proper guidance to apply to national and European co-financed programmes, such as the PA or Horizon.

With the help of the egg – enter grow go financial advisors you:

  1. Choose the most suitable financing programme according to your business plan and needs.
  2. Check whether your business idea meets the programme criteria.
  3. Adapt your business plan to the specifications of the financing programme, e.g. PA or Horizon.
  4. Submit your file along with the necessary documents correctly.
Startup financing