Meet the people who ensure that the programme is well organised and runs seamlessly day in, day out. They are the heart and soul of the egg – enter grow go ecosystem and offer support to all the teams.

Roula Bachtalia
Director, egg – enter grow go
‘’At egg – enter grow go we have set as a non-negotiable goal to support the sustainable and inclusive Greek entrepreneurship ecosystem, because we believe that through it, growth, productivity and competitiveness of the economy as well as employment are being enhanced. In times when innovation, modernization and digital upgrading of the business and production model is a one-way street, a breeding ground of innovative, modern thinking, ideas and products is de facto an important advantage that gives value to all’’.
Efthimis Georgakopoulos
Operations Manager, egg – enter grow go
‘’In its 12 years of operation, egg has supported more than 1,500 entrepreneurs and 400 start-up companies. It has contributed institutionally to the development of the Greek innovation ecosystem and is a model for business acceleration of innovative companies in Greece and abroad. Through the establishment of the first Innovation Cluster in digital technologies in the Tourism and Culture sectors, we promote synergies of hi-tech businesses to develop integrated value solutions and cutting-edge technological products. We actively contribute to the digital transformation of the Tourism and Cultural product and the extroversion of Greek entrepreneurship in the global market’’.
Άρης Σταμόπουλος μέλος ομάδας του egg – enter•grow•go
Aris Stamopoulos
Officer, egg – enter grow go
‘’With over eight years’ experience and work in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, I strive daily for our egg – enter grow go alumni to benefit from services that bring added value to their activity. I am responsible for ensuring ongoing consolidation of a strong ecosystem of egg alumni, in order to build synergies among the companies and also to connect them to large ecosystems outside Greece’’.
Arianna Ioannidou
Community Manager, egg – enter grow go
"The systematic participation and support of women's representation in the business sector as well as the connection of Academic and University Institutions with entrepreneurship and innovation is one of the key priorities for egg. My personal concern is the introduction of basic concepts of entrepreneurship as well as the promotion of effective tools to teams and communities coming from our Universities and Research Institutions".