Your education

To make the best of all tools, all your team members, including you, should hold a degree or currently study.

You may be a graduate of or study at a public or private higher education institute in Greece or abroad.

Your major does not matter.

To put your idea into action, you can also work with people who are not university graduates.

Your place of residence

The egg building in Kallithea will be your new headquarters. This is where your idea will blossom for 12 months.

With us, you have all the infrastructure you need. You are in contact with other startups like yours. You compete with them, work together and learn from them.

If you live in another city or abroad, there is no problem, as our major initiatives and support take place online.

Your age

All members of your startup, including you, should be between 18 and 65.
However, you can work with people of any age to put your idea into action.

Your nationality

All nationalities are welcome at egg – enter grow go: Greeks, EU citizens and third-country citizens.
The only restriction is that all members of your startup can legally reside in Greece throughout your participation in egg – enter grow go.

Your team

Join us with your team, even if you have not set up a startup yet. If you have come up with a brilliant idea, you may even be eligible without a team.

At egg – enter grow go we help you find associates, put your own team together or join another startup. You get a chance to network:

If you have a company

If you have already set up a company to develop your innovative idea, you are welcome to submit your business plan to egg – enter grow go.

If your company is not about the idea you wish to develop with us, there is no such restriction.

However, you cannot participate in the GROW phase through a sole proprietorship or as a freelancer.

If you are included in a Partnership Agreement (PA) or have received financing

There is no restriction if your idea has already been included in a PA or other financing and entrepreneurship programme.

If you have entered egg – enter grow go

You may apply even if you have entered a previous egg – enter grow go cycle.

You can try again if you had:

  • Applied, but had not qualified to the GROW Phase.
  • Participated in the GROW Phase, but have made some strategic change to your business plan (pivot).

Your application

Even if you meet all requirements, you need to correctly complete your application and attach the related documents to enter egg – enter grow go.
Find out the application steps. Take a note of the required information and the documents you need to attach.

Don’t miss the deadline

Are you ready to compete for a place at egg – enter grow go? Submit your application by 13.05.2024 at 15:00.

If you can’t meet the deadline, prepare for next year. Each February, a new cycle begins.

Discover what egg – enter grow go has to offer you and prepare accordingly.

Is egg right for you? Is egg right for you?