The Scale Up platform is the advanced egg – enter grow go business accelerator.

It is addressed to businesses with significant growth potential. It welcomes them when they are ready for their next step, e.g. to launch a new product or expand their market reach in Greece and abroad.

The new Scale Up platform transforms the long experience of egg, so it may meet the new needs of the Greek business scene, which is continuously evolving. It applies the best practices from the most successful startup ecosystems abroad.

If you want to Scale Up, email us at

Business accelerator

We help you accelerate the growth of your business, expand its operations and network. The support is tailored to your needs and targets.

Your partner to meet your targets

The Scale Up platform is an integrated business development, networking and scalability framework, provided you are aiming at the next round of financing.

egg – enter grow go is your partner, helping you to develop your product and boost your sales. To meet the targets you set, we:

  • Break down your competitive advantage together.
  • Set up your performance indicators.
  • Develop the financial model of your business clearly.

Viability in your next step

The support and tools we offer you reinforce the viability of your company in the step it is attempting to take. We help you:

  • Raise investment capital and financing.
  • Target the right client base.
  • Promote your new product or service faster and more effectively.

For as long as you need

We stand by you from 3 to 18 months, depending on the needs of your business.

Scale Up does not have a specific start date. You participate in the Scale Up platform as soon as we choose you at the egg acceleration pitching day.

New business financing

Your first investor is egg – enter grow go. At the same time, we help you identify the needs of your business and your strategy for raising the capital you need.

Fundraising strategy

You get the chance to get the financing you need for your business, at the right time and from the right source.

With our guidance you:

  • Indetify the real needs of your business.
  • Review alternative financing types and capital-raising options.
  • Choose the ones that are tailored to your business.

Financing tools

You assess the financing tools offered through the Scale Up platform. You come into contact with investors interested in supporting new businesses in their next step.

With our guidance you can choose the type of financing that suits you, such as:

  • Bank borrowing
  • Subsidies
  • Equity funding
  • Equity crowdfunding
  • Angel investment

In-depth consulting

egg is a real business partner for you and not just a consultant. We guide you every step of the way, so your business may become mature and viable.

Long-term vision

Working together you will be able to best identify and focus on the big picture and your long-term goals.

Once you outline your vision, you can prioritise your business needs in the next step.

Business and financial planning

You carry out your business plan with our close guidance and support.

You fully review your financial plan and see how it is linked to your business plan.

We give you in-depth consulting about your company’s management or any special issues of concern.

Targeted products/services

We help you analyse the skills of your management team, the market trends and your business prospects.

This information can assist you in making your product or service more targeted. If necessary, you may change your strategy in the future.

Networking and extroversion

You come into contact with clients, investors and associates, making the most of the options available through the Scale Up platform. It helps you promote your product or service.


You attend exhibitions in Greece and abroad. That’s where you will have the chance to promote your business, product or service.

You participate in roadshows in partnership with industry bodies and other supporters.


Depending on the activity sector of your business, you are included in one of the egg clusters, such as Tourism, FinTech, Energy, Logistics and Exponential Technologies.

Through these innovation clusters you enjoy benefits for you and your business.

Find out how clustering gives your business a push.

You network in the global market and enhance your exporting activity through the awarded international trade portal.