Business bootcamp

Gain expert knowledge and tools through a specific business curriculum that will help you in your professional career.

The training you need

Get training in areas such as Marketing, Business and Finance, to put your business idea into action.

You attend a 100-hour business bootcamp that includes:

  • 70 hours of training courses through the egg WebTV
  • 30-hour workshop
  • Hands-on training
  • Lectures

You develop the personal skills that will make you a great entrepreneur and learn:

  • How to develop your business plan.
  • How to best design your business plan.
  • How to set up your company.
  • How to make your company profitable.

Expert business training

At the business bootcamp you receive training on key issues regarding the growth and viability of your startup.

Have a look at the expert knowledge you gain:

For your financing

Financial & Funding Management (Financial Planning, Funding Capabilities & Opportunities, Funding & Investment Tools).

For your company’s management

  • Lean Start-up Management (Lean Start-up Principles, Agile methodology, Project Management, Design Thinking),
  • Business Strategy (Business Model Canvas, Business Planning, Product Development, Crisis Management),
  • IP Management (Patents, Copyright & Intellectual Property Law).

For your corporate communication

  • Marketing Strategy (Market Research, Marketing Planning & Corporate Communications, Customer Development, New Digital Marketing),
  • Communications Strategy (Effective presentation, Public Relations Management).

For your people

People Management (Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition & Retention).