Because the egg business accelerator helps businesses with significant growth prospects to secure financing, networking and extroversion for their next business step.

Find out 4 good reasons why you should enter the egg Scale Up platform:

1. Competitiveness

Because you are trying to tackle the fierce competition in your sector.

> You want to solidify your competitive advantage.

2. Swiftness

Because you are looking for swift decision-making and understand the value of networking.

> You want to make best use of all the opportunities to connect with your potential clients.

3. Economies of scale

Because you operate in sectors of the economy with major growth prospects and exporting activity.

> You want to create economies of scale, but also change your company’s growth model.

4. Viability

Because you’ve conducted your research and registered your patents, along with all your research work.

> You want to see them blossom into a viable business product or service.

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