Support for startups every step of the way

You are supported in key business sectors by experienced mentors. You have the chance to find the financing you need. You make the most of the modern egg – enter•grow•go facilities.

Your financing

You have access to suitable sources of financing. Through the consulting we provide, you may get and make the most of the capital you need.


Financing programmes

Financial advisors outline all the available financing tools. They guide you so that you may choose the ones that suit you and secure the necessary capital.

Find out how you can finance your startup through egg – enter•grow•go.


We provide the necessary training to help you:

  • Identify suitable sources for startup financing.
  • Benefit from public funding.
  • Make the most of the world of investments. 

Setting up your company

With the necessary support and the right tools, you choose the company structure that suits your startup and you set up your own company.

We help you:

  • Choose the type of company that best serves the needs of your startup.
  • Draft its articles of association.
  • Monitor the process step-by-step until it is completed.

Your registered office

Your startup is housed in the modern egg – enter•grow•go building in Athens. You make the most of the state-of-the-art facilities for your startup.

Modern facilities

For 12 months you work on your startup in a fully equipped office:

  • CISCO provides the equipment for the building’s wireless network.
  • Microsoft provides access to Microsoft BizSpark.
  • OTE provides services and equipment for internet access, website hosting and emails.
  • ImageFlow/Polycom provides teleconferencing equipment.
  • XEROX provides printing/scanning equipment.

Furthermore, you have access to training and entertainment rooms that assist in exchanging views, networking and cooperating.

Easy access

The egg – enter•grow•go building is located on 75 Thessalonikis & Florinis Str., Moschato, Greece. It is easily accessible by public transport.

We are open:

  • Weekdays, 08:00 to 22:00
  • Saturday, 09:00 to 17:00.

Your financial contribution

To use the facilities of egg – enter•grow•go you pay a token amount: €45,00 / month.

In addition, in case the startup secures potential investment funding, during its participation in the egg Start-Up Platform, in the form of investment capital, the participants owe one percent (1%) as a symbolic success fee.

At the end of the programme, the bulk of this money is donated to a charity you choose. During 2013-2021 the egg companies donated €89.000.

The rest of the amount is used to support the extroversion of the startups.

If you already have your own company

Provided you enter egg – enter•grow•go, you have 2 choices:

  • Transfer your registered office to the egg – enter•grow•go building address.
  • Open up a branch/subsidiary in the egg – enter•grow•go building.

Whatever you choose, we assist you with the legal procedures.

Your corporate identity

We help you build the company profile of your startup. Together we design a creative logo and find a suitable name for your business.

In the GROW Phase you make the most important decisions for your startup’s image. You get help for this from the mentors of egg – enter•grow•go.

With their experience and knowledge in marketing they help you set up your startup’s public image, so that it may leave its mark in the market you are targeting.

Your corporate communication 

You build your startup brand. Through the knowledge you gain and the expertise of the people next to you, you meet your company's communication needs.

You have a team of creative people with experience in marketing and communication right next to you.

In addition, you gain key corporate communication knowledge through the business bootcamp.

Your products and services

You develop your product or service meticulously. At the same time, you network with potential clients in the market that interests you.


Right from the very first moment we guide you systematically so that you may develop your product or service quickly and with a targeted approach, by:

  • Focusing on the target market of your startup.
  • Prioritising your products and services.
  • Finding your first clients.


You get to meet potential clients or strategic partners from around the world (B2B match-making) through the extroversion programme.

You gain access to the global market though the international trade portal.


If your product does not perform as you expected it to, we help you pivot your startup:

  • Startup strategy
  • Target market
  • Platform, distribution channels
  • Technology, etc.

Your People

As your startup is becoming stronger, you need all the more associates with growing expertise to help your business take off.


You gain the necessary knowledge to:

  • Discover talent with the knowledge and skills you need for your startup.
  • Identify people who fit in with the mentality and values of your company.
  • Develop and manage efficiently your company’s human resources.

Partners, shareholders and associates

It is not necessary for your team members to be shareholders/partners in your startup.

When you are setting up your company, you choose the company structure that fulfils your goals and expectations.