For your application to be eligible, you need to carefully follow the business plan specifications and our instructions.

Find out how to prepare your business plan:

Main sections

Fill in the 3 sections of the business plan. At the beginning of each section, you will find instructions on what and how much you should write.
  1. Business idea

    What is so innovative or original about your idea?
  2. Team

    Describe the team members’ profiles. How do you complement each other?
  3. Action plan

    Is your plan to develop your idea feasible? Are your assumptions realistic?

These sections cover the main assessment criteria for the business plans.

Strict specifications

The business plan must be up to 8 pages long. To format it, you need to apply the exact specifications we lay down.

Use the business plan template to correctly prepare your business plan:

Up to 8 pages

The business plan cannot be longer than 8 pages. The page margins must be 2.5 cm.

However, you may add:

  • 1 cover page for your business plan.
  • As many pages as you need for the annex.


You need to type the business plan on a computer. Use Calibri 11pt fonts.

PDF or .doc file

Save your business plan as a .doc or .pdf.

Find out how to convert your business plan into PDF.

Business plan annex

At the Annex, you can attach tables and charts to document your business plan.
This is where you also need to attach the solemn declaration files for each member of your startup.

Your intellectual property

You keep all intellectual property and other rights arising from your business plan and its outcome.


We keep confidential all information you submit, even if your idea does not qualify to the GROW phase.


If you want to patent your business plan before entering egg – enter grow go, you may do so on your own responsibility.

In all cases, if you qualify to the GROW phase, we help you through the patent process.

Promotion through egg – enter grow go

We can present the progress of your business idea only as part of promoting and advertising egg – enter grow go.

You approve all the texts we use.

Business plan template Business plan template