You have the chance to expand your startup operations abroad. Find new clients and associates, network and grow your exports.

International business and training delegations

Each year we organise training and business delegations to Europe, the USA, Canada and the Middle East.

Through the training and business delegations of egg – enter grow go you:

  • Network with mature startup ecosystems abroad.
  • Meet potential clients and associates.
  • Get in touch with international investors.

To organise these delegations, we work with the biggest universities around the world, startup development organisations and institutional bodies in the destination countries.

Β2Β match-making

Find potential clients for the products and services of your startup. Get to network with strategic associates.
The companies with the best performance participate in professional expos in Greece and abroad. international trade portal

Penetrate the global market and forge synergies to increase the trade activities of your startup. Gain access to sources of dedicated information and advanced tools.

International Trade Club Alliance

Through the awarded international trade portal you become part of the Trade Club Alliance.

The Trade Club covers 40+ countries and is backed by 11 banking groups. It is one of the largest international trade networks.

Networking across the globe

As a member of you get access to modern networking tools to find potential associates abroad for the products of your startup.

Market trends in 180 countries

Find out all about the latest global market trends and developments in more than 180 countries.

Get current information on macroeconomic topics, statistics, market trends and consumer behaviour per country.

Gain access to information on the volume and value of the imports/exports of the country you are interested in.

New business opportunities

Gain access to more than 1 million calls for expression of interest from many countries globally.

Explore new business opportunities that open up.

Ask the Experts

Get know-how from experts.

Find out about financing solutions and services tailored to your needs.

Use advanced tools that will help your exporting activities.

Financial consulting

Expert executives of the initiative offer financial consulting services, and help you find products and financing programmes.

Using your knowledge and experience, you can find financing for you startup to:

  • Meet the operating expenses of your business.
  • Carry out the growth part of your business plan.
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