3H Services

Sustainable Development

The company name, 3H Services, derives from the initial letters of the words Holistic House Handling and includes the company’s philosophy and central idea. The company is a service and construction solutions provider, aiming to offer comprehensive property management for secondary/holiday homes to the benefit of the owner.

Services provided by 3H include: 1) Management/Maintenance, including taking care of / cleaning the house and surroundings, preparing the property to be used, and providing comprehensive legal, accounting and bureaucratic services, 2) Making the most of the short-term rental market 3) Refurbishing the property to upgrade its energy performance, aiming to save costs for the owner and reduce the carbon footprint of the property.

The company’s objective is to meet all needs of such a property, allowing the owner to enjoy their properties, as they had in mind when they bought it, without hassles and problems.