Sustainable Development

4POWER ECO company has developed an Innovative Portable Charging Station, giving solutions to our daily charging needs of electronic devices (mobile phones., tablet, etc.) with a patented ecological proposal.

4power ECO device was designed to offer Portable-Ecological charging solution, ideal for any professional waiting or gathering space such as (cafes, restaurants, hotels, Beach Bars, conference rooms, shopping malls, clinics, Camping, Yachting).

It works as a multi-tool providing additional features, such as an alternative way of recharging using a solar magnetic detachable (Solar Panel), which in addition to the ecological dimension, allows its use in areas with difficult access to electricity such as boats, camping, beach umbrellas etc.

In addition, it provides personalized display, with magnetically detachable price list - promotion, double-sided (easily renewable by the user), mobile phone stand bases, leather carrying handle, etc.

At the same time, it works as an ideal advertising / promotional choice on the table with the logo of the brands or the company that will choose it.