Aisthesis medical

Health Sciences and Wellness

Our idea emerged from the lack of automated processes in patient monitoring. Aisthesis will be an integrated software building on artificial intelligence (AI) to monitor anaesthesia in real-time. Our aim is to collect and process data from physiological parameters (e.g. ECG, blood pressure) collected through monitoring devices attached to a patient undergoing surgery. This way, Aisthesis assists anaesthesiologists, of all levels of expertise, in interpreting such data. In addition, Aisthesis has a broader medical scope, as it forecasts events intraoperatively in real-time, by applying advanced machine learning models. Using brain activity data, Aisthesis monitors the anaesthetic depth, enhancing intraoperative awareness and decreasing mortality rates for patients. Our final product will be available through a user-friendly mobile app. It will provide users with indicators for potential occurrences at every stage of care (preoperatively, intraoperatively, postoperatively) through insightful clinical reports. Aisthesis will be the first intelligent software in the patient monitoring market, which will improve postoperative results and, hence, the patients’ quality of life.