BFP Advanced Technologies

Health Sciences and Wellness
BFP Advanced Technologies is a Greek company which redefines technological development, producing innovative materials and functional high-resistance nanotechnology coatings, bearing unique properties and features for restoring, protecting and maintaining almost any type of surface. 
Through each of our new products, you become part of the progress and at the same time you help protect the environment. Our long experience in material science and its industrial applications guarantees the high added value of our products and services. Our portfolio consists of coating systems for professionals and certified fitters, and protective coatings which can be applied by the final user directly.
The company has already received major awards. We hold 3 international patents, while we are in the process of registering patents for 4 additional innovative methods. 
Top quality is at the core of our priorities. Our production process is certified to ISO and adheres to strict specifications. Our products have been certified by independent bodies and are the products of choice for large constructors, dedicated professionals and informed users. 
At BFP Advanced Technologies, we are proud each time we put an innovative idea into action. And even prouder, when people trust us because of that.