Digital World

Bitloops is an AI-powered software development platform that enables organisations to build complex server application software with ease. Our vision is to empower developers to build high-quality, maintainable & scalable software as quickly as they're able to express the specifications in natural language.

Developers will be able to describe their requirements in natural language, engaging in thoughtful questioning of technical and non-technical topics so that both Bitloops AI and the engineer can gain a deeper understanding. Bitloops translates those comprehensive specifications into code, which can be subsequently modified by the user through a low-code interface, conversation or code.

The foundation is the Bitloops Language, a transpiled programming language that is already being used to build production-grade software, and the results are extremely encouraging - only 10-15% of the lines of code required to achieve superior results. Actively developing the AI-engine and UI so that millions of users can benefit from Bitloops.