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Challedu is a startup in the EdTech industry, which innovates by developing educational games for children and grown-ups. Challedu’s main goal is to develop products and services that turn education into an experiential discovery game. At Challedu, we strongly believe that games and creativity are not a waste of time, but rather an important way to discover the world around us and our inner world. Experiential learning through games and arts offer invaluable personal involvement and experience. We find gamificated quizzes and school-type activities outdated. Our games employ games and arts as their educational tool. An entire universe of educational activities unfolds around original fairytales. Art, theatrical, musical, dance, magic and team games. Our products include modern apps with experiential or action features, portfolio apps with the option of reviewing the child’s progress, Hackers and Keys card games, RETRO games, such as creative kits, audiobooks, dolls etc. . Challedu services include Challenge Games-Experiential Group Role Games, which appeal to educational and cultural institutions, and seminars for the education community. Our vision is to help children acquire knowledge and experience through playing and having fun. Will you take the challenge of Challedu?