City Crop


CityCrop is leading the agricultural revolution with a vision that seamlessly integrates technology and sustainability. Our commitment to providing fresh, locally grown produce is epitomized by our in-store farms—miniature green wonders strategically placed within supermarkets, HORECA establishments, retail chains, and international companies. These in-store farms serve as both a testament to our dedication to a farm-to-table experience and the foundation for our innovative Farm-as-a-Service model.

Experience the future of agriculture with CityCrop's in-store farms. Witness the growth of your food right where you shop, creating a direct connection between source and plate. Simultaneously, our Farm-as-a-Service model extends this experience beyond individual stores. Tailored for supermarkets, HORECA, retail chains, and international companies, this model provides end-to-end solutions—from setup to maintenance. It allows businesses to offer fresh, hyper-local produce without the need for extensive land or traditional farming methods, contributing to a greener and healthier community.

CityCrop doesn't stop at commercial spaces. We bring the passion for homegrown goodness to individuals through cutting-edge homegrown systems. Empower yourself to cultivate your own fresh produce with user-friendly, automated solutions. CityCrop's homegrown systems make it easy for everyone, whether you have a green thumb or are a novice gardener, to enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your crops right at home.

CityCrop isn't just a provider of agricultural solutions; we are architects of a sustainable and accessible future of food production.