Cleopatra’s Sponges

Cleopatra's Sponges is active in cultivating and packaging Spongia Officinalis sea sponges.
Over-harvesting, coupled with a few epidemics, almost led the sponge populations to extinction. As a result, the entire Greek sponge-fishing sector disappeared, leaving many island communities unemployed. 
Our vision is to help revive the historical natural sponge trading sector, with a deep sense of respect for the marine ecosystem. The Greek sponge is widely recognised and considered the best one in the global market.
Its unbeatable softness and velvety touch had made it popular among royalty and noblemen in Northern Europe and Russia. Currently, the existing production cannot meet the great demand from developed countries, such as France, Germany and Japan.
Through sponge farming, several benefits are achieved, such as reducing the cost per unit, ensuring a commercially viable production and improving the marine ecosystem, as sponges act as biological filters.