Digital World

Covariance P.C. was established in 2019 with its premises in Maroussi and Kifissia, as a start-up company, member of the national start-up registry “Elevate Greece”. The Company focuses on innovation in health & insurance through the exploitation of data using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.The Company is empowering leading healthcare and insurance companies to deliver Data-Driven & AI solutions that shape the industry, while supports them to maximize their customer’s value & minimize costs by integrating real-time analysis into existing systems and processes.

Covariance is a member of the EHDEN community, whose objective is to create an EU-wide ecosystem for federated analyses of RWD standardized to OMOP Common Data Model, as the only Athens-based SME in Greece. Covariance team consists of highly qualified professionals on a minimum MSc academic level, as well as PhD level professionals, experienced scientific associates, and established members of its advisory board.

The Company is ISO certified (9001/27001) and GDPR compliant in both internal & external processes.
The R&D Unit of Covariance, to date has spined out 3 projects which have been financed by 3 companies in the domains of Health (2) & Shipping (1) and has designed 6 innovative products which need financing to be fully developed.