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CSeaNav New Sea Navigation Reality Private Company

A new reality in sea navigation [NR]

The plug ‘n play navigation solution developed by CSeaNav accurately transforms the two-dimensional content of electronic navigational charts, as well as items and sizes from NMEA data feed (AIS, AtoN etc.) into the revolutionary three-dimensional CSea3DContext. Then, it presents it, perfectly matched to the real world, before the sailor’s eyes, day and night, regardless of any visibility obstructions.

The CSeaNav navigation solution for a new reality in sea navigation [NR]:

  1. Is a plug ‘n play compatible navigational system.
  2. Collects all ENC, sensor and navigational instrument content, regardless of their diversity and vessel size.
  3. Transforms into three-dimensional sets of objects, entities and sizes.
  4. Presents them through augmented reality (AR) glasses, before the navigator’s eyes, fully and accurately matching the surrounding real 3-D world.

See what is not visible and navigate with safety!