Eden Core

Sustainable Development

Eden Core is a spin-off company of the Agricultural University of Athens, developing solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision for the most effective plant protection and monitoring of high-value crops. With our digital solutions, we are redefining crop protection, helping farmers reduce costs while producing food in a sustainable way. Our solutions:

"The Viewer": an innovative system that aims at the sustainable protection of crops and the reduction of pesticides, managing detection of pests and pests in real time through integrated models of artificial intelligence and machine vision.

"Eden Library": our innovative platform hosts thousands of datasets that have been processed by experts to enable the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture. The Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) model creates a data economy, allowing stakeholders from the agritech industry, agrochemical companies, and farmers to access valuable data and unlock the market value of high-quality agricultural images.