Health Sciences and Wellness

The company’s goal is to develop a diagnostic test for high-strain athletes aiming to prevent muscle injuries.

The company provides biomechanical data to athletes undergoing high strain, but also to groups of people who wish to resolve natural mechanical faults. It is housed at the Biomechanics Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens and cooperates with the Strength of Materials Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens.

We propose an innovative way to prevent muscle injuries for high-strain athletes. The goal of the investment is to develop a dedicated diagnostic test based on the mechanical response of the human body tissues.

Our products under development include:

  • Diagnostic test for hamstring muscles (one muscle group).
  • Diagnostic test for certain muscle groups and tendons.

Our company will revolutionise prevention of muscle injuries. Future medicine will be personalised mechanical medicine and MEDINEVO is leading the way.