Extra Tech Analytical Solutions

Health Sciences and Wellness

Extra Tech Analytical Solutions is developing breakthrough & innovative analytical solutions for fast, low cost and sustainable sample preparation. Sample preparation is used by thousands of public and private chemical analysis laboratories in various industries across the world. It is a multibillion dollar market, dominated by few key global players servicing analytical instrumentation and consumables.

Our vacuum-based methods speed up extraction time, consume less energy without resulting in any loss in analytical power. Our patent pending products and methods are automated, green, low cost and easy to implement as they are compatible with a range of microextraction devices. Our breakthrough & innovative analytical solutions are suitable for Environmental, Food & Agriculture Labs. We are also looking forward to develop applications for Cannabis, Pharmaceutical, Forensic and Clinical Testing Labs. Extra Tech Analytical Solutions is one of the first spin off companies from the Technical University of Cret and run by Prof. Elia Psillakis.