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Increasing performance and efficiency, and reducing costs are a few of the major issues all hotel owners face. At the same time, increasing customer satisfaction, providing better services and increasing revenues from services during the guests’ stay are just as important.

HotelToolbox addresses all these issues, providing hotel owners with all the tools they need.

Most hotels use paper, emails and phone calls to perform daily operations. Hundreds of hours are spent, access to information is difficult and satisfaction level is often low.

Through HotelToolbox, hotel owners can organise and monitor the hotel’s operations, and reduce operating costs, man hours and paper consumption. What is the result? Less phone calls, higher productivity, direct real-time access to information, more revenue and better services to guests.

HotelToolbox is available as a cloud service using the Software as a Service model, and includes both mobile and web apps.

A few of the best resorts in Greece have already used it with spectacular results.