Innovative Energy Materials Technologies (INEM)

Sustainable Development

Innovative Energy Materials Technologies (INEM) is a private technology and innovation company founded in 2020 as a spin-off of Democritus University of Thrace. Our headquarters and laboratory are located at the ATHENA Research Centre on the Kimmeria University Campus in Xanthi, in northeastern Greece.

INEM develops nanomaterials and devices for innovative energy applications, focusing on advanced Li-ion battery technology. We envision a future where Li-ion batteries will function beyond the existing limits of temperature, weight, charging time and lifetime. "Batteries Beyond Barriers" is what we are striving for, so to enable e-mobility in every situation and environment.

Our Gen.2 product, the AIM Cell ™, is an energy-dense Li-ion cell with an integrated heating system - suitable for any chemistry, industry compatible and economically viable- that makes the low ambient temperatures totally irrelevant to battery operation. Based on our technology, we estimate that about 2.3 billion people living, working and commuting in sub-zero environments will benefit from being able to drive their electric cars without restrictions.