Digital World

i-host is the first online reservation book for restaurants and hotel restaurants. It is the ultimate digital tool for customer relationship, reservation and table management used by hundreds of restaurants in Greece, Cyprus and Germany. It includes numerous awarded restaurants from popular guides and culinary portals.

It is installed and runs on one or more tablets and is used by the person managing reservations instead of paper or calendar notes. The goal is to efficiently serve patrons and build a loyal customer base.

We also offer complementary services/products:

  • i-host Pocket to access restaurant reservations from any smartphone or tablet.
  • i-host Callerinfo, caller identification service, which allows the user to view the customer’s profile before taking the call.
  • i-Reserve for online reservations through the restaurant’s website or Facebook page.

By using i-host and the complementary products and services, the business upgrades its customer service, offering unique culinary and entertainment experiences to each patron.

Innopolium was established in 2015. Its vision is to reform restaurant hospitality services into unique recreational experiences

i-host is the first product of Innopolium.