IntraCross Catheter

Health Sciences and Wellness

We are developing a technology that will enable the penetration of Chronic Total Occlusions, an acute condition in those suffering from Peripheral Arterial Disease, with minimally invasive surgery. Despite the abundance of conventional catheters on the market, none offer a reliable endovascular solution in difficult cases, which amount to approximately 25% of all cases. In the vast majority of cases, end up in open surgeries, burdening doctors, hospitals, health systems, but especially patients suffering from complications, disproportionately in terms of cost and time.

The innovation of IntraCross Catheter allows thanks to its balloon which anchors close to the stenosis and multiply the penetrability of the guide wire facilitating its passage through the most impenetrable cases of arterial stenosis. The first in-vitro tests simulating an extremely demanding opening demonstrated that there will not be a case that cannot be operated intravascularly, thus offering multiple benefits over the catheters currently available on the market worldwide.