Health Sciences and Wellness

Kardiatec S.A.(67, Mikras Asias str. Athens, certified with ISO 13485 and patents in many countries including USA) is a start-up company established in 2013 by John Nanas (Emeritus Professor of Cardiology at the University of Athens), Jay W. Mason (Professor of Cardiology at the University of Utah) and Chris Mortis (biotechnologist). The financial support continues to be by its founders, their relatives and friends.

Up to the present, we have completed the design and manufacturing of a prototype implantable cardiac device, PULVAD (Pressure Unloading Assist Device) suitable for clinical use in patients suffering from end-stage heart failure aiming at their myocardial recovery. Three clinical trials authorized by EOF are going to enroll patients and CE Mark will be our next milestone. In parallel, a suitable portable drive unit will also be pursued to manufacture in order to facilitate PULVAD’s operation.