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KINITRO is a civil-law non-profit company which was established in 2019. Its goal is to lay new foundations in education, making the most of experiential learning methods, as described by the EU.

It is an experiential education initiative, which focuses on inclusion and accessibility, to promote fruitful interaction among society members and challenge stereotypes.

Our goal is to provide interactive workshops and seminars, through which participants will be able to arouse their creative curiosity about the unknown, and discover and develop new skills. During our training sessions, we make sure we create a safe environment for participants to interact, where mistakes are considered learning opportunities.

KINITRO’s main service is Labyrinth of Senses, which has been running since 2014.  The experiential Disability Awareness Workshop, makes the most of non-conventional learning methods to promote critical and creative thinking, strengthen team spirit, facilitate interaction among people with or without disabilities, and provide participants with the chance to discover new skills and practice existing ones.