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Α Data-Driven Fertility Journey for optimized chances on-each-attempt. Infertility is a global health issue afflicting around 15% of couples worldwide. Based on constant increasing infertility rates, more clinics arise. Selecting the right doctor and treatment is a complicated and timely process, often leading to a decision of dubious validity due to lack of objective and personalized comparison tools.

Our ambition is to automate the whole fertility journey, giving answers to difficult and essential questions like:

  • How do I decide which treatment is right for me?
  • Which is the best clinic for me?
  • We aspire to give unbiased and personalized answers, based on medical data.

Through our All-In-One platform (myMEDIPASS platform) and just by opening one tab, patients can organize their whole fertility journey. Getting data-backed solutions with our decision-support tools (powered by AI), nothing is left to chance!

The existing marketplace was first launched in 2018 with specific non-invasive and elective medical treatments in Greece. It now consists solely of fertility clinics. Expanding abroad, forming an advanced directory of clinics, providing objective assessment tools to patients, make our holistic approach unique. Pivoting to a subscription-model shortly, makes this solution highly scalable as it opens the door to the global market.