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Transporting people and commodities safely at night and under condition of low visibility (fog, smog etc.) is an age-old issue which had not been resolved in an efficient and affordable way before. In addition, increased air traffic and air transports due to more affordable freight have amplified the problem.

The situation is similar in sea transports too, where accidents do not usually involve the loss of human lives, yet the damages bear a great cost.

Meton Innovatence developed the first portable, wireless thermal camera for smartphones and tablets (iOS/Android) for the purposes of aviation at night and under bad weather conditions. Enhanced Orasis System (EnOraSys) may turn night into day and help pilots see through clouds and light fog. Therefore, making the flight safer.

EnOraSys may reveal all details in air routes and tramways. This way, it allows pilots to avoid air traffic and confusion. Finally, pilots in VFR conditions may see and avoid clouds gathering at night and avoid unintentional flight into instrument meteorological conditions, so as to ensure greater safety in case of bad weather.