Tourism and Culture

MOPTIL is a Greek company developing virtual and augmented reality applications, focusing on cultural heritage sites (archaeological sites, museums etc.) and tourism. Its 3D, digital reconstructions of ancient sites include the Acropolis, Olympia, Knossos, Delos, Lindos, Delphi, Asclepieion of Kos, Ancient Camirus and Cartagena Roman Agora. The company works with cultural site management organisations and tour operators, to whom it provides access to the applications, so that they may offer the service to tourists, enhancing the traditional sightseeing tours. All Moptil applications have been designed and developed by top, internationally acclaimed scientists, (e.g. archaeologists, historians, geologists etc.).

Over 300,000 tourists have used the Moptil applications with a very high rate of satisfaction of 98%. In 2019, we worked with the new Acropolis Museum and since 2019, in partnership with the Foundation of the Hellenic World, we implemented an Ancient Acropolis production – film for Tholos. Moptil has entered into cooperation agreements with all major domestic and foreign tour operators (TUI, Destination Services, MSC etc.) and has also entered into agreements with organisations abroad.