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Health Sciences and Wellness

Cultural taboos surrounding menstrual & sexual health hinder many girls and women from seeking gynecology healthcare services and getting tested regularly. This leads to lack of awareness, misinformation, and potentially life-threatening diseases such as cervical cancer, which remains the 3rd most common cancer in women in Greece. In response to these challenges, OMGYNO is an innovative female-led healthtech platform that empowers women to take control of their health and well-being by providing education through digital content, smart technology, advanced medical labs, progressive doctors and healthcare professionals in an environment of community-focused non-judgemental and positive care.

OMGYNO is part of the femtech industry, redesigning the female healthcare experience to promote self-care, privacy, and control by offering:

  1. Home tests for gynecology (vaginal smear culture, UTI, HPV, STI)
  2. Telehealth services with vetted quali ied doctors and healthcare professionals
  3. A Femshop for sustainable feminine products
  4. Educational digital media content on female health topics
  5. A transnational community with progressive, feminist & inclusive values.

OMGYNO is currently raising 350,000 Euros to increase its core team and marketing budget, build a native app with AI integration, expand its network of healthcare professionals, develop sales channel partnerships for home tests, and start expanding into Portugal.