Pleione Energy

Sustainable Development

At Pleione, we are pushing the boundaries of energy storage innovation by developing cutting-edge technologies and applications that benefit all people, and our planet. Driven by this passion, we founded Pleione in 2015 to research energy storage solutions with the use of graphene. Through a series of funding by the European Space Agency, we have developed our own proprietary technology for graphene batteries and supercapacitors.
Leveraging on this technology, we are now developing innovative energy storage applications for green buildings.

Our first product is an efficient energy storage system that makes the storage of excess energy from RES not only affordable, but also a viable investment. The system can reduce energy costs by 30% and provide a 50% longer lifecycle for the user compared to competition. Additionally, it is designed for safe and compact integration in the building’s structure, thus enhancing the overall energy efficiency without compromising space and comfort.