Quantum Biometronics

Health Sciences and Wellness

Quantum Biometronics invests in the niche synthesis of quantum technology with biotechnology. Both sectors advanced independently into blossoming markets, but the potential of their synthesis is only now being appreciated. Qubiom's vision is to harness this potential, and produce sophisticated high-tech products at the interface of quantum and bio.

Our current technology development on quantum vision synthesizes modern photonic technology with the physiology of human vision. We precisely measure the pupil’s light reflex, the change of the pupil’s diameter upon illumination. While current pupillometers indiscriminately illuminate the whole retina, our novel laser pupillometer stimulates the retina with “surgical” precision, allowing us to increase by 100-fold the information extracted from the measurement. Since pupil diameter changes are regulated by mid-brain neural circuits, our patented technology promises radical advancements in the market of eye/brain medical diagnostics by opening a new window into the early diagnosis of diseases of the retina and the nervous system.