Digital World

Tekmon develops smart digital tools for companies who employ people working out in the field.

People working out in the field face multiple big challenges in terms of organising tasks and processes. The work environment is quite demanding, they need to follow certain processes, while it is difficult to access and disseminate information.

A few examples of everyday challenges include: How to efficiently and quickly record information from the site. How to streamline the process for managing certain incidents. How to ensure adherence to the proper process when opening a store. How to organise a plan for technical audits and works. How to immediately inform a large group of people of an emergency on a Sunday morning. How to avoid bureaucracy when adhering to quality standards.

Tekmon has developed a software program to help employees work smarter and more efficiently in 4 steps:

  1. Create a digital work environment entering all necessary information, such as location details, assets, equipment, products, consumables, clients, suppliers, meters, staff etc.
  2. Describe the company’s processes, such as regular workflow, audit forms, checklists, approval stages, emergency communication protocols etc.
  3. Equip all employees with a mobile app on a mobile device (smartphone & tablet) to allow for communication, instant access to information, information processing, procedure implementation etc.
  4. Collect usage data and instantly generate reports for auditing purposes and statistics to further improve processes.

The advantages of Tekmon software, as experienced by users, include:

  • 85-90% less time for data entry and bureaucracy.
  • 10’ less to carry out any task.
  • Significantly faster information in cases of emergencies.
  • Easy implementation of plans and processes.
  • Less mistakes in data entry.
  • Easy and fast generation of reports.