Health Sciences and Wellness

ThetaBiomarkers offers innovative services for analysing biological samples with unique data quality and range features. We change how a significant number of (pre)clinical markers are analysed. Omics technologies offer comprehensive data that describe in detail the sample under examination, multiplying knowledge through the efficient monitoring of the biochemical phenomena of life mechanisms.

ThetaBiomarkers combines deep knowledge of bioanalytical/clinical chemistry, cutting-edge equipment, large databases, sample spaces, experience in business/commercial activity and highly qualified expert staff, all in a single corporate profile, unique in Greece. Our final product will be technologies and unique measurement services addressed to private labs, hospitals, research centres, food companies, doctors, dietitians, pharmaceutical companies or public entities. Depending on the customer’s needs, the company may provide the following services: biochemical analysis, statistical analysis, assessment/interpretation of results, advisory services, implementation of R&D projects, support through analytical results, developing/transferring methods and know-how.